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If anyone ever wants to make podfic of any of my stories you have blanket permission to do so. The exception being any co-writes, in which case you'll have to ask the permission of the other writer.

This masterlist is very out of date. All my stories are now uploaded at A03.
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Yesterday I got the most adorable postcard from [livejournal.com profile] gh0sts. Thank you so much. It was such a lovely surprise ♥

Lets see, in the last week or so I've seen The Mummy, which was okay and Gifted which I liked a lot. Started to watch The Handmaid's Tale, which led to me reading a forum post about the show which included recs for books in that genre, so ended up downloading and reading Only Ever Yours which I gobbled down in a few days, all the time thinking, no, no, this is horrible and wrong.

Talking about reading. I abandoned that Musketeer story I mentioned a few posts back. It wasn't the constant crying that defeated me, even though that was irritating, it was because the writer was posting as a WIP and obviously started changing the story depending on what people said comments. Due to that they ended up constantly contradicting things that had been stated as fact earlier just so they could change the story going forward. I mean, own what you're writing, if someone doesn't like what you've written, that's on them not you. It was so frustrating and in the end I just gave in -- and then started to read a horribly melodramatic mpreg instead.

Looking through my open tabs I found a gdocs draft of the story I started and then abandoned for the wingfic picfor1000 Way bros idea. So I finished it. I need to give it a look over and will probably post it. It's just a bit of fluff, but it's a shame to just leave it sitting there. Though I may go see if I can match it to a bingo prompt first #cheat

It doesn't happen often with both of them working shifts, but both Kayleigh and James were at work the last two days so I had to take mam to a dentist appointment on Tuesday and then yesterday to an appointment to the chest clinic. The dentist went fine, and then yesterday she got mixed news. The tumour in her lung has shrank a little, but her oxygen levels are so low she's going to be started on home oxygen from next week. I think we all knew it was coming, and hopefully it won't be a 24/7 thing but more of a top-up, but she's still upset.

While at the hospital we bumped into my dad's brother who'd been there for a post op check. We talked a while, then when he left mam asked who it was and I told her, uncle Allen. She was astounded, and apparently hasn't seen him since she divorced my dad, so over 30 years ago. I wondered why he seemed a bit tense and she said nothing.

Corey's having more issues with his wisdom tooth so has been calling often over the last two days. He couldn't get an appointment at his own dentist until Monday, so has been trying to get an emergence dental appointment in Newcastle, and after going to the walk in dentist this morning at 8am, finally has a card to say he can go back and wait from 1 this afternoon. Hopefully they can do something then, and if not, has kept the Monday appointment just in case.

I went to a walk to High Force with James, stopping off at the ford first where I had a plodge. It was funny as we met and chatted to a couple there, and then a few hours later met them again at the falls, where the guy offered to take our photo.

Mam got her new car on Monday. Kayleigh is her designated driver, so we took both of them to the garage to pick it up, and while there we were checking out all the new cars. We don't change until Dec next year, so don't even need to start looking until this time next year, but you know, we were there, so why not have a look around? And I have to say, it's such a good feeling to realise I could easily fit into any car, even the smaller kinds, and seat belts fastened with room to spare even in the back seats. When we do actually pick, the only thing we need to think of space wise is whether James' wheelchair will fit in the boot. Nothing else. That was such a rush.

Mog on the Tyne have two new kittens. Want to guess where we'll be going next week? :D
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We had excellent news yesterday when we found out James had been awarded the enhanced rate for both care and mobility when changing from DLA to PIP. Which means that he can both keep the car and also get a small raise in his care payments. I really don't think I realised how heavy a weight it was waiting for that decision before that weight was gone. I mean, no matter what we told ourselves, that things would probably be okay, there was a very good chance that they wouldn't. But now, all is good, and we don't have to worry about it again until 2021.

In the last week we've been to the Wetlands again. I love that place, all the baby birds were running around everywhere, and the walking is perfect, especially as they have an electric scooter James can use so we're not tied to short distances. We saw so many ducklings and goslings, and in one of the hides saw a jay and a woodpecker for the first time. Also, the otters had more babies, and they'd just been released into the public enclosure that week. As always I took photos when thinking about Turlough. Only two though as I've been photo happy on here lately. behind here. )

It's a beautiful day today and I'll be heading into the garden soon. It's looking great atm, I've potted out all the courgettes and the tomato plants are thriving in the greenhouse. As always I've too many so I'm going to pot out some of the smaller ones and put them outside.

We may go for a short drive later, but only very short as James is on night shifts and I'm a little lacking sleep-wise. I always tend to go to bed later when James is on night shifts, and then Corey pocket dialled the land line at 2am. So by the time I'd got in touch with him and settled down from my initial, 'omg, what's happened!?' reaction by watching some Food Network, it was 3am. I could have slept in of course, but somehow my body really doesn't like doing that and I was awake at my normal time.
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We had excellent news over the weekend. Mam has won her PIP appeal and doesn't have to go to the tribunal!

She did the same process James has just gone through last June, and her disability benefits were drastically cut and she lost her car. We've been fighting that decision ever since, going through an appeal, a tribunal, and she was due to go to another in a fortnight. But then on Saturday she got a letter saying they'd looked at all her evidence again, and had changed their decision, so no tribunal, and she'll get the car back and hopefully a big chunk of backdated money. I'm so thrilled for her, this last year has sucked so hard as she's fought this, and it's drastically affected both her mental and physical health.

We were supposed to go to the tribunal on the 13th of June, and I've told her she needs to do something good on that day instead. Change what was a day she was dreading to something that becomes a good memory.

James has two days at work and then he's off for a fortnight for his annual leave. It's our first wedding anniversary on Thursday so we're going to Lumley Castle for the night. Not one of the staterooms like we did last year, but just as nice. Then we're hoping to get away to York for a couple of days. We've seen a good hotel deal, which includes a visit to a falconry place, which is very tempting because I want to hold an owl.

Despite wanting to see the new Pirates movie I have no cinema visits to mention this time as James was coming off night shifts and the chance of him falling asleep was at 100%. The plans to see that are Wednesday, and also Baywatch \o/ I used to love Baywatch so much, I taped it every week and had such a huge crush on Parker Stevenson who played Craig. Why I'm not sure as he's not my usual type looks wise, but there was just something about him, and something about that ridiculous show. I know they're playing the movie for laughs, but even so. Baywatch. Be still my heart.

Not long ago [personal profile] dine mentioned fic spirals at A03. You know, when you read all an author's works and then check out their bookmarks and then end up reading all their works and so on and so on. Well, I'm well used to those, and the last time it led me to a 200k plus Musketeer story that I've been reading every night for the last week. The problem is, it's so OOC it makes me want to throw my Kindle on the floor as I'm reading, but at the same time, contains so many things I like, and pushes so many buttons that I couldn't stop reading. The crying, oh my god, the crying. Why so much crying!? And endless conversations and misunderstandings and people so ooc it makes me cringe, but even so. I couldn't quit it. I finally finished it last night, and the author had responded to every comment except someone who'd said it was a good story, well written but not a favourite and they'd found it ooc a lot, and I was sitting there nodding and thinking, yeah. I totally get that.

There's a second part in the series just as long. I'll be starting that tonight.
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It was horrible waking up to news of the Manchester bombing. My heart aches for everyone involved.

Yesterday it was James' DLA to PIP assessment. We think it went okay, but then again, we thought mam's went okay and she lost her car and most of her disability benefits. We've been researching what would be asked, the things you get assigned points on, and discovered that if he'd changed last year James would have lost the car for sure as his mobility was much better. As he's in his wheelchair so much now he should get maximum points -- oh man, please let him get maximum points. It's hard and frustrating and I know they need to assess people but the whole situation isn't easy, and having to sit there and explain in detail all the things he can't do wasn't fun. And now we get to wait between 4-6 weeks for the decision.

But, there's been good times too. It's lovely and sunny today so I've been in the garden potting and weeding, and my hands and nails are now hacky to show that fact. Over the last week we've been to see three films, and James fell asleep in every one. The new Aliens I liked, but he missed the second half. King Arthur I really enjoyed a lot, and hello Charlie Hunnam and Aidan Gillen on screen together again. James missed the middle bit of that. Then yesterday we went to see Snatched, and the less said about that the better. I wished I'd fallen asleep too.
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I've just sat and watched one of the fat pigeons sit on one of the flower tubs on the garden shelf and send it flying, soil and plants going everywhere. Stupid fat pigeon.

It's been a nice but mostly uneventful few days. It's been nicely sunny often, showery at other times, but we finally seem to be pulling away from the cold days. The most important thing that happened, for me anyway, was I gave blood for the first time. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, but I was outside of the weight limits for being able to give, so when I was inside of those I decided to go for it. It took a while to get an appointment as there's only one session every few months in my town, and they got filled almost immediately. But a few days ago I saw a session in a hotel close to the Asda where we go shopping, and it had appointments left, so I booked one.

I was nervous going in. I'd researched and knew the bypass wouldn't stop me donating, but I have to take iron tables, so worried about those and the other meds. In the end I had to have a chat with a nurse to make sure I was okay to give, but it was fine, and my iron levels checked out okay, and before I knew it I was being escorted to one of the banana chairs. And from there everything went great, apart from nearly being catapulted from the chair at the end. I suspect it was because my legs are heavier than most, and the nurse taking the blood didn't take that into account when hitting the switch that put the chair back into an upright position, so gravity shot me forward, and instead of a controlled sit up, I was up in an instant. It was funny more than anything, though, and I couldn't stop laughing for a while.

The people there were so lovely. The nurse asked why I'd decided to donate, and I told her how I'd had all this fantastic medical treatment for free, and wanted to give back, even in a little way, and she patted my hand and said she was proud of all that I'd done, and it made me feel good. I also wore my 'it's my first blood donation' sticker with pride afterwards. See. That I was a little disgruntled that I couldn't have my usual hot bath that night.

Yesterday I got my permanent cap fitted, and it looks so much better. It feels better, too. I'm looking forward to eating a nice granny smith apple later as while the dentist said I could eat them with the temp cap, I was worried about it falling off, and I've missed my night time snack.

Mam's been poorly again and had the doctor out on Monday, where he said if he'd gone a day later she'd have been admitted to hospital again, and as it was she was only two points on the oxygen level of being admitted anyway. He also made her promise if her daughters wanted to call for medical help earlier that she let them, as both Kayleigh and me had been trying to get her to see the doctor for two days at that point. After more steroids and antibiotics she's finally feeling a bit better, though still sleeps loads.

She's having carer issues though. Not her actual main carers, who are both brilliant. But the person who sorts out the care calls. Mam's supposed to have the same two carers nearly all of the time. Sure, there should be stand-ins sometimes due to days off or emergencies, but mainly those two ladies. Since she's been getting the carers she's had ten different people, and on three times has been knocked out of bed because they didn't know she had a key safe, or if they did know didn't know the code. She gets a morning carer because she's having issues getting out of bed, taking meds etc, so to be knocked out of bed, and made to get downstairs on her own to let them in is so wrong. Kayleigh has been furious. It's the exact job she used to do so she knows the care standards they're supposed to show, and not knowing about the key safe is failing at a big level. So she's kicked off on the phone three times now, and apparently got attitude back yesterday. Leading to mam's main carer getting a message saying the scheduler was sick of the hassle and the carer could have 'mam's surname' full time and she was sick of it. That just seems so disrespectful, even Mrs surname would have been better, but not that.

So, that happened yesterday morning, I guess I'll see what happened this morning when I go up soon.
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This post with Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray being pictured together has made me happy this morning. The Electric Century tumblr also has more photos, and I remain amused that in many of them, Mikey has his eyes closed. Never change MWay.

In other news. There is none yet. But tonight is Eurovision. Bring on the weird and wonderful and no doubt songs full of drama and angst.

ETA: I've been reading more bandom bingo stories, and the week two post has been my favourite round up so far.


May. 12th, 2017 02:32 pm
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No lie, Gerard's insta post about Mikey, Kristin and their new daughter made my heart happy. So lovely.

I've had a very productive day today. I decided to give the kitchen a good clean and move some things around, so now it looks shiny and sparkly with more counter space. I think tomorrow I'll get stuck into the cupboards and get rid of some of the stuff we don't need or use. And because I polished all over too, the whole house smells nice. Shame it never stays that way.

Since I last posted we've been to a funeral. Thankfully not to someone personally known to me, it was the mam of a friend of James', so we went along to give our respects. Then after that went to the Botanical Gardens on the outskirts of Durham. They were small, but very lovely. Plus, we got to eat outside for the first time this year when we had our dinner there.

I bought leggings, don't worry though, only to wear under dresses and they're the thick kind. You may remember the battle I've been having with getting trousers to fit. The lymphodemia makes it so difficult, and when I get a shorter leg length they tend to hitch up due to my lower legs being so big, and I don't like that. That's also why I never bought leggings in the past as they're so clingy, but I was sick of having my trousers trail on the floor -- I know, I could hem them, but, effort -- and the leggings are perfect really. They don't ride up, and they're comfortable. Plus, they're cheap, two pairs for £16, so the changing size issues isn't that bad. It took me a while to actually get the nerve to wear them with them being clingy, but I have twice now and no one's pointed and laughed, so, a win I say.

James is on antibiotics and needed a tetanus booster as he was bitten by Tinker. It was a total accident, he had his leg off, turned, and kneeled full weight on her foot, and she bit his thigh in response. Because it was a cat bite it was recommended he see the doctor, and she prescribed the antibiotics and booster. Tinker's fine, btw, and so's James, just being careful really.

He also finally got his appointment for the face to face meeting to change from DLA to PIP. That's brought him down a bit. I mean, everything says he shouldn't lose his benefits. We've got great letters from all his medical support people stating his disability, mobility issues and the care I have to give him. But there's always the worry it won't be enough.

I've been reading more bandom bingo stories, and included was a van days Ray/Mikey. It felt like slipping back in time in the best way.

I've also been looking through my old photobucket account and still think this shoot MCR did was amazing. The silver pants will never get old.

We went to see A Dog's Purpose. It's not a spoiler to say I knew it would make me cry, as the preview is all about how a dog's purpose is to serve, love etc and that includes death and being reborn into another dog. But spoilers in case you want to see )
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It's another sunny warm day today. It's so nice to be outside in the sunshine, and I hope it stays this time. I was in the greenhouse earlier and had to throw out a load of seedlings that had been killed by the returning cold weather of last week. But, I saved quite a few and have planted more, so hopefully will catch up again.

James finally has an appointment with the back specialist, but it's for the 1st of next month, which is our wedding anniversary. We've booked to stay overnight at Lumley Castle, but in an ordinary room this time, and wondered if he should rearrange the appointment, but decided to go in the end. Lumley Castle is very local to us, and while we'll be going later than we'd planned, better that than having to wait even longer for another appointment.

We had such a great day at Beamish yesterday. It was warm but not too hot, sunny all day, and not too crowded so it was easy to get on the trams and buses and look at everything we wanted to. Behind the cut are some photos, included one James has been keen to get for a while. It's where you dress up in period costume and then get a photo taken, fun, but I always had the fear they'd have nothing to fit me. But they did, so photo behind the cut )
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I'm just waiting for the stairlift person to come and do the annual service, and then we're off to Beamish Open Air Museum for the day.

But I checked my in-box and [personal profile] romantical told me there was a Way baby, and there is. She's adorable in that very new baby kind of way, and I love her matching sleep suit and hat.

Thinking back to when I first came into bandom, I never thought this day would happen. But it has, and I hope Mikey and Kristin will be very happy with their new daughter.
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I had such a nice day yesterday.

The morning was spent doing some jobs for mam, and then we took my FiL and MiL to go buy some shoes. MiL picked three pairs in less than five minutes, I was amazed. Then we drove to the coast and they treated us to jacket potatoes for dinner.

Then, once we'd dropped them off it was a lovely day and it was still hours before we needed to go to the theatre, so we decided to drive to a park that I'd heard of in Durham, and that was such a good decision. First, it had an outdoor gym area, and I had so much fun checking out and using the machines. I loved the air runner, and could have kept going on that for ages, and quite liked the arm weight machines too. You were lifting your own body weight -- which is still very significant in my case, and while I could do the pull down machine easy enough, the one where you had to pull the bars back to your chest was so hard. I could barely manage three times, which is weird. I mean, I didn't change weight between the two machines, you'd think I could manage them both the same, but nope.

We walked a bit, and I persuaded James to walk to the lower levels where there was a community garden and a playground that adults could go on. I eyed up the slide, but to get to it you had to climb up this wooden structure, and yeah, not yet. But, I did go on a swing, the first swing I've been on for years.

A quick drink in the cafe, another go on the air runner, and we set off for home and to get ready to watch Grease. Which was fantastic! It was the best show I'd seen yet and despite thinking we'd have bad seats, we could still see and hear everything easily. But sorry guy from the Wanted who was Danny, my eyes were always for the man playing Eugene, who was amazing. Each time he came on stage I couldn't look away from the little dorky superstar who danced like magic and had obvious gymnastic skills.

Today I've had my old cap taken off my tooth and a temporary one put in place, so no more cement tooth. I can't say it was the most pleasant thing I've had done, but it wasn't actually painful, and while I could think of better things to do for an hour on a sunny day, at least it's done now. I'll be getting the actual cap put on in a fortnight, and then hopefully no more dentist for me until check-up time.

After that we visted mam, went grocery shopping and had iced lattes sitting in the sun at Costa where I had a nice long conversation with Corey. He's just been buying his Download tickets and was telling me nearly 30 of his friends have hired a mini bus to get there. Hopefully this year they won't be flooded out again, one year with trench foot was enough.
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It's been a very chilled out bank holiday. James is on night shift so we had a walk up to see mam, then home for a bit potter. Then once he'd gone I caught up on LJ/DW, some comments and read a bit. I've been reading the bandom bingo fills, and approaching them like I do challenges, in that I'm trying every fill even if it's not a favourite pairing -- in which I mean of course, one not containing Mikey. And I'm glad that I have because that way I get to read some good stuff that otherwise I'd maybe pass by.

Tonight I intend to go have a long bath soon, a read of Musketeer fic -- I was in the middle of a good story last night and my fire ran out of charge, I was not amused, and have a mini pamper session with a face mask and a good deep condition of my hair.

Then after that, a tv watching session. I'm working my way through the latest season of Agent of Shield at the moment, and am enjoying it more than I have for a while. I also have a Britain's Next Top Model to watch, which is my not-so guilty pleasure. Same as the American and Australian versions are my not-so guilty pleasures.

Tomorrow my MiL wants a lift to go buy some shoes, so we're doing that in the morning, then the night we're off to the theatre to see Grease, which I'm looking forward to. So this time tomorrow I'll be getting ready for a bit of a hand jive, but not tonight. Tonight is for pjs, fic, tv and soaking in a hot bath. Something which I'm about to start right now.
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Happiest of birthdays to the very lovely Turlough. I hope today has been full of good things and lots of Lancecat snuggles ♥

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We saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 today. In brief and non spoiler'ey.

It was amazing! It was everything I expected and more.

The opening scene is one of the best ever. I loved Groot in the first movie, but baby!Groot has stolen my heart. Also, Drax, and Star-lord, and Rocket, and Gamora, and Mantis and Nebula, and Yondu, and just, every single one of them has my heart. If you like found family, man, this film is for you. Since I saw it Guardians has been my favourite movie/team in the franchise, this has just solidified that.

And you really need to stay for the end credit scenes, of which there are quite a few.

In summary, an excellent movie and an excellent day. Though it was spoiled a little to come out and find someone had cut off the big plastic poppy from the front of our car and just thrown it to the side. I mean, disagree with the poppy appeal all you like, but don't do dick moves and cut them from cars. James reported it, and if the camera caught who did it they'll be banned from the centre, but that all depends if the camera was pointing in the right direction when it happened.
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Yesterday I went to Mog on the Tyne again. I love that place so much, and really enjoy time chilling with the cats. We booked the first slot of the day and for the first half hour we were the only people there, so had undivided cat time. After that we had a wander around the main centre of Newcastle and had dinner at Smash Burger, which was very nice, and not a bad price for the meal deal -- something I always take into account because I still leave lots.

Before going we knew a dog cafe was going to open close to Mog, but getting there it seems it's actually right next door. Talking to staff they're not so happy about that, worried about barking disturbing the cats. Plus, worried about trade too, because I imagine it'll take some of their custom. I can see their points, but have to admit, once it opens I'm sure we'll be checking it out.

Today we booked theatre tickets. First to go and see Grease next week. The seats for that aren't that good as the show is so soon, but also tickets for Wicked. We've been thinking about getting those for a while, but the show isn't on until September next year and it felt really weird buying something so far in advance. But we asked about availability and they had great middle aisle stall seats about half way back, and for not a bad price for such a big production. So we got them. It'll be the first big staging I'll have seen, but people seem to like it, so fingers crossed we will too.

After that we walked -- and in James' case, got pushed -- into Sunderland town centre. We only intended to browse the shops, but somehow I walked into Yours and came out with a camouflage jacket. One minute I was looking at stuff, the next I'd seen this jacket and on a whim decided to try it on. Getting it off the hanger the material had no give, and I was sure it would be too small, but I tried it on, looked in the mirror and the assistant close-by said, that looks fantastic on you, but it's far too big. It turns out I needed a 22, which, the hell? How did that even happen?

I know I said no more buying clothes, but this is going to be perfect for the spring, it's lightweight and comfortable and should last for a good few months yet. Also, that assistant was amazing. We were talking and she was telling me how she'd lost loads of weight herself -- and still had a lot to go -- so totally understood about the body issues that come with dropping weight.

So yeah, a spendy morning, but I walked past Lush at least, I had some control. Just not a lot /o\

Tomorrow it's Guardians Day! And yes, it actually is tomorrow, my dates are right this time. It's also my FiLs birthday, so it's movie time at 12:30, then off to the in-laws.
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It was the first early start for a while this morning. But really, I don't mind them at all, and I especially like that it's dinner time and all the stuff that needed doing has been done. Including cleaning the windows which is always a pain.

I've caught up on LJ/DW, so will head up to see mam for a while and after James finishes work at 1 we'll probably head off for a walk somewhere.

I went to the dentist on Thursday and it turns out I only needed one filling not two, so that was good. They're going to fit a temporary cap on my next visit in a fortnight, then the permanent one after that, and then no more cement tooth.

We went to the cinema to see Unforgeable, which didn't live up to its name. The reviews said it was the same genre of films like Single White Female and Basic Instinct, which it was, but it's the kind of film I'll forget going to see in a few weeks. Plus, for those who like to keep note, James fell asleep for the beginning portion of it.

I've seen the A03 meme going around, so figured why not? I used to write, right? Actually, I still do, just haven't lately which means my BBB is dead in the water, but I still have hopes for bingo.

Top 5 by hits

And the Painted Ponies -- 5553 hits
Blurring the Truth and the Lies 5431
Like a Bunk and Cramped Sleeping -- 4018
Nowhereville -- 3784
When Day is Night Alone -- 3761

Nothing surprising there at all, except Nowhereville flying up the ranks. And I remain thrilled that Blurring, the fic that was recced as someone's guilty pleasure, is so high. Do not worry people who love coma!Pete. You're not alone!

Top 5 by kudos

Like a Bunk and Cramped Sleeping -- 299 kudos
And the Painted Ponies -- 211
Blurring the Truth and the Lies -- 211
Ten Ways for Looking After Mikey Way -- 156
When Day is Night Alone -- 151

My heyday, man. Obviously years ago. And again, my soft spot for 10 Rules remains, many many years later and that short thrown -out story remains loved it seems.

Top 5 by bookmarks

And the Painted Ponies -- 58
Like a Bunk and Cramped Sleeping -- 47
When Day is Night Alone -- 45
Blurring the truth and the lies -- 41
Imitating Yesterday 23

Only change Imitating Yesterday, which has a high bookmark compared to kudos or hit. All I can think is the people who like it really like it.
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James has gone back to work today. Only on short shifts at the moment, he'll be finished by 2, and due to an existing schedule he's actually on his rota'ed days off from tomorrow so won't be back in until Sun. But, it's a start back to normalcy.

Things have been busy but without anything that actually stands out.

We had a double cinema day and went to see Power Rangers and the new Fast and Furious, and I liked them both. We went to a smaller Odeon than our usual and ended up sitting in the same seats in the same screen for both. Though for the second the person behind decided to hang their coat on the back of my seat which was annoying.

I have tickets for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for Saturday, and can't wait for that.

I went to the dentist about my missing cap, but sadly it's impossible to just scrape off the left over cement. So I'll be getting a new cap in the future, and also apparently two fillings need doing. Despite it being an NHS dentist I still need to pay the top band for the work, which is £350, which is a lot when my teeth don't actually hurt, but compared to what some have to pay, I know is a bargain. Especially as no matter what work is done they can't go above that figure, and despite the cost and faff, I know in the long run getting the new cap is the right thing to do. They also suggested some teeth bleaching, but as that would be an extra £200 on top, nope.

Easter was pretty much a non-event apart from delivering eggs and chocolate to my nieces, nephews and Corey. It didn't help that the weather was so bad. It actually hail stoned yesterday.

That LJ stat thing, behind here )

I have no concrete plans until I'm going to see mam in a few hours. So I'm going to potter, and do some house stuff, maybe take a walk and continue catching up online. I've also the last few eps of This Is Us to watch, but I don't want that to end so am stretching that out atm.

One small fannish thing. Bandom people, I hope you know [personal profile] lady_smutterella regularly lists the fills for the bandom bingo on their journal. They're worth checking out.

Eta: sadness. Just realised Guardians is next Sat not this one :(
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Mam is safely home and the carers started today. Which is reassuring, as even if she doesn't actually ask them to do anything I know she's seeing someone four times a day. Obviously I'll still go up, and Kayleigh will too, but this way a carer is there first thing in the morning to check on her, and early evening, so she'll never go hours without being seen.

Then, on Friday Corey phoned saying that his wisdom tooth was hurting and cutting into his cheek what should he do? He's never registered at a dentist in Newcastle, so we phoned the one he goes to at home, and he got an appointment for today. Moving to Saturday, he phoned again saying his tooth and cheek really didn't feel right, and what should he do? So James suggested we go get him on Sunday and bring him home or if he couldn't wait until then we could try and get an emergency dentist appointment. Corey said no. A few hours later he phoned again, once more, he was in lot of pain, what should he do? James said we'd go and get him, but Corey said no. At which point I called back, said we were going through for him and he could make an appointment at the walk in centre to make sure he didn't have an infection. Yes, he's 21 and more than capable of looking after himself, but three phone calls within a day and I just couldn't leave it at that.

So we picked him up, he went to the walk in and thankfully they thought no infection. So he's been using heat, pain killing gel for gums, pain killers, and today went to the dentist where they found out yes he has an infection. He's got antibiotics and medical mouth wash and they think he'll be feeling much better soon, but if it starts again he'll need the tooth taken out.

Despite him being a full time student we found out he needs to pay for both his dentist visit and his prescription, which was an unpleasant surprise. Thankfully the receptionist was lovely, and after looking at what had been prescribed said it was cheaper to just buy the mouthwash at a chemist, then changed her mind, went to talk to the dentist, came back and gave it to him out of their own stocks.

Despite it being the holidays Corey's got load of group assignments to do, so will go back to Newcastle tomorrow. Until then, it's been lovely to have him home for a bit, even if the dish washer isn't used to being used twice a day now.

I also made an appointment for myself to see the dentist. A few years back the cap fell off my front tooth, and while it doesn't bother me, cosmetically the left behind cement doesn't look the best, often looking like I've a bad tooth. So I'm going to see how much it'll be to get that sorted, it means I'll need to pay for that first visit and any subsequent treatment, but it needs doing and I am trying to look after myself now, even if that is just cosmetic.

We also had medical issues for nanna. She's been told she's got something in her stomach, not cancer, but something. But the only way they could find out what is an op, and of course, at her age that's not going to happen. The thing is though, right now she's feeling better than she's has for a long time, so, whatever it is it's going to be left. A decision I very much agree with.

Apart from that. It's been gorgeous weather lately so the greenhouse is now full of tomato plants and seed trays. So far we've planted more tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers and some flowers. Plus, Pauline dug up the gladioli bulbs from her garden. They were dad's pride and joy but Pauline can't give the garden the attention it needs, so she's cut right back, sharing those bulbs out between me and her son. I've planted mine, so fingers crossed they'll grow and be another nod to dad. Not that the garden needs it, every space and thing in it is a happy reminder of him, but hopefully those gladioli will add to that.

I'm sure most people suspect how I feel anyway, to address the LJ thing. I have no intention of leaving the site, but completely understand why some are leaving. I've cross-posted for a long time, and read and comment on both sites, and that's not going to change. I'm happy to be friended on DW, or LJ, hell, both if you want.

And some small fannish content. As always I loved Mikey bd message to Gerard, and also enjoyed yet again these old photos of Mikey, Gerard and Ray at a fan's Make a Wish meeting.
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Hopefully mam will get out of hospital today. Medically she's been okay to come out for a few days but they want her carers to come in for four times a day now, and until that's put in place she couldn't be discharged. So, fingers crossed, that may happen today.

She actually told us not to go in yesterday as she had friends visiting, so we had a day off from visiting. We had plans for a nice day with no actual time deadlines, then remembered that we'd agreed to take the MiL to pick up her new wheelchair, so yet again the grocery shopping had to be done at speed. In the end, as it was a beautiful day, James took her and the FiL and I stayed home to start on a big garden tidy up. It's looking so much better now, and I washed inside of the greenhouse, so hopefully very soon, the seeds can actually be planted.

Since I last posted we went to see Ghost in the Shell, which was okay, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been so tired. James missed half of the film as he fell asleep, but there's nothing unusual about that. He's also had his back to work interview and they're happy for him to go back in the next few weeks.

Yesterday we posted his PIP forms after getting letters from all the important medical people who know him. So now it's just a case of waiting for the next step of that.

Also, on Sunday it was the monthly disabled biking meet-up at Chester-Le-Street. It was another lovely day, and at first I just watched as James went on the double recumbent bike, but then the main volunteer came over to ask if everything was okay and could they do anything else to help James. So I was sitting there thinking, should I say it? and then just asked if it was possible to go on the double side by side bike as I was worried about being too heavy for the frame. Immediately the man said, don't worry about that, and did I want to have a try? And the next thing I knew I was being ushered toward another volunteer who would go out with me for the first ride so he could ensure I was okay. And I was.

After that first lap with the volunteer I went with James next time, I did all the steering and he helped pedal, and it was great. I can't remember the last time I was on a bike, and sure, it was a trike kind and not a two wheeler, but I still did it.
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Some good news. While we were out yesterday afternoon James got a call from the lady organising the toilet to say that she'd reapplied to the council and they'd agreed to put in the last 1.7k themselves. This is such brilliant news and I suspect the fact we've been sourcing grants and applying to them ourselves and got over half the money we needed made her apply a bit pressure and get that goodwill offer.

We're still waiting to hear from a few other grant places, but if they do offer some money it'll be paid to the council, but if they don't, well, it doesn't matter because we finally have it all.

The toilet is going to make such a difference to James, and I can't believe it could be fitted within a few weeks. Almost as good, as it needs a power supply they're giving us a new fuse box too, which is much needed. We have the old fashioned wired fuse style, and it's at ceiling hight in the kitchen, which makes changing fuses very difficult. They'll be giving us the new style in an easy access position, and just, \o/

I enjoyed the show last night, though am glad my first theatre experience was a play as this felt a lot more amateurish. Plus, it wasn't very full up in the dress circle, though the people in stalls sounded like they were having a great time. I suspect tonight will be much busier, and James is really looking forward to spoiling his mam.

My mam there's no change. She couldn't have visitors last night as a pipe burst in the ward so they couldn't let anyone in. But we'll be there this afternoon and see what's been going on.

I'll catch up on comments/commenting asap. Until then, I hope you're all well ♥
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