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If anyone ever wants to make podfic of any of my stories you have blanket permission to do so. The exception being any co-writes, in which case you'll have to ask the permission of the other writer.

This masterlist is very out of date. All my stories are now uploaded at A03.
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I have to say, Mikey remains a ridiculously attractive man )

We've been to Whitby today. It was a good trip in some ways. We went to Humble Pie again for dinner, which was delicious. We went there on our last trip and were looking forward to going again. It's this tiny little place done up to look like someone's front room in WW2 era and you eat out of tin plates, the only choices being a selection of pies, mash and peas.

Walking around was easy, I even got up some really steep banks I wouldn't have attempted last year. But the crowds spoiled things. We should have known better really. It's the tail end of the school holidays and no doubt lots of people were out having day trips. The streets of Whitby are very narrow and cobbled, so having so many people there meant you couldn't move fast or where you wanted to go, and often stopping to look in windows caused a block for people trying to get past. It was just all kinds of frustrating, and very humid, too. In the end we just left early.

James got his new red leg yesterday. He was a bit dubious going in as nanna had questioned his choice of red, but it looks great. You can see it here on his Insta. Of course he wanted to wear it as soon as we got home -- they won't let people wear legs out of the hospital in case they don't fit right at first -- so wore it to the scout hut on the night. Then came back and said it didn't feel right. But he's not sure if it's a not feel right just because it's new or because of an actual fit issue, so the old one is back on now. Though I have to admit, I got really annoyed this morning when I couldn't change his boot from the red leg to the black one, then realised I was trying to put on the wrong boot. Sigh. You'd think I could tell the difference between left and right by now.

Bake Off was back last night. I was very happy about that.

And talking of TV shows. I've started to watch Killjoys, and really, a show set in space with actual bros, a kickass lady and adventures. Why did I not start watching earlier. Though, like many of you I'm sure, I always get the mental urge to say 'make some noise' every time someone mentions Killjoys. I hope that wears off soon.

I'm ending with a Self-Knowledge Questionnaire [livejournal.com profile] aweeghost linked too. The results were pretty interesting and accurate. )
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My niece has decided she wants a MCR backpack for her birthday. And I've run into issues because I can't actually find one in the UK. If she wanted a messenger bag I could have had a choice, even smaller pilot bags would have been okay, but backpacks? Apparently they'd need to be ordered from abroad, wouldn't come in time, plus cost far too much. I may just buy her the very cheesy 'I love Gerard' pencil case, she likes stuff like that.

Like I said in my last post, last week I went to a new cat cafe. I found out about it one night, checked it out, and we went there the next day. I enjoyed going there, it had a very different vibe to Mog on the Tyne. This one was themed more like a garden and was more chilled. It also had mostly pedigree cats with one foster cat they bring in to introduce to potential forever home owners.

Like Mog on the Tyne you pay a £5 cover charge per person that goes toward looking after the cats, but at Catpawcino for that price you can have a cold drink or cup of tea or coffee, too. It also has the bonus of being on the Newcastle quayside, so parking was easy.

Lots of cats! )

It was a beautiful day that day, so we had a short stroll along the quay and then shared an ice cream at a Swedish deli, which was very much chosen because it reminded me of Turlough.

After that we went on to MetroCenter for a cinema visit. The initial plan was to see Nine Lives and keep the cat themed day going. But for some reason the Odeon website and app wouldn't let me book my free carers ticket. So we went to book at the cinema itself, and got to talking to one of the staff members who we've come to know. After explaining the issue he checked the screen, but the only seats left were the first two rows. We were about to pick one of those and he told us full stop, don't, as it was a small screen and you wouldn't be able to comfortably see anything from those rows. So, despite the queue building up behind us, he went through everything else that was on, and sold us on seeing first, The Shallows, then walking out of that screen, along two more, and then into Nerve, where the actual main feature would just be starting -- and it worked out exactly like that, his timings were spot on.

We also found out the reason I couldn't book a seat was James' cinema card had run out the day before. Thankfully being regulars helped there as he just fudged the tickets somehow so I got in for free anyway. And by that night James had renewed and paid for his next year of ticket.

As for the films, I went in with no expectations for either. The Shallows was entertaining enough, but one scene really turned my stomach. While I enjoyed Nerve so much more than I expected.

Nanna's stair-lift is in, but her getting used to it is a work in progress. Yesterday we got a phone call saying she needed the toilet but was frightened of going up on it on her own. So we quickly nipped up. Today we called in because James had made her a big print sign saying how to use the stair-lift which he's taped to the walls, and she was so frightened of getting stuck upstairs that she'd used her commode instead.

She was getting a bit distressed today about not having the nerve to use it alone. But like I told her, it's a very new thing for her that she's had for all of a few days. She just needs practice -- and for her friend to stop telling her how she got stuck on hers for three hours once -- and she'll gain the confidence to use it easily. Until then, she's got the carers and if need be, we're not that far away.

James is on his second shift of his shorter night shifts today. We still need to experiment with them because yesterday he wanted to go swimming, and thought it would be okay as didn't start work until 4:30 staying until 2. I was a bit worried whether it would be too much on a night shift day, and it sort of was. Because we like swimming early before it gets busy he needed to get up early, then after we'd finished we popped into Asda as it's just over the road, then called in nanna's, and really, he had no time to just chill before going to work. So from now on, while it does seem he would have time to do things like swimming, energy wise it's not a good idea. Much better to sleep until he wakes naturally, and then have a short drive out if needed or wanted.

Corey's been home this weekend and has just gone back to Newcastle with James dropping him off on the way to work. As always it was lovely to have him home, and it really doesn't seem like a year since he got his A level results and we had the panic of realising he was just a few points short for his first choice uni.

Like many I've joined Imzy, though have done nothing over there yet. But in the unlikely event anyone who wants one still hasn't got an invite, feel free to ask. All I'll need is your email address.
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RL catch up soon. It's been a good few days, including going to a new-to-me cat cafe \o/

Until then, the DW meme that's been going around and I've had sitting in an email since yesterday.

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I've just written 3.5k of Musketeers fic in the last two days. It's for the kink meme so I'm tempted to just post now. It's m/m/f so I doubt it'll be well read, but it feels nice to actually finish something.

James has started his new shifts this week, and so far they're working for him brilliantly. It's amazing how much difference working 2 1/2 hours less makes, he's been home for just after 6 and gets an extra hour in bed. Of course not having the three days off in the three on three off will take getting used to, but it'll be well worth it if he stays feeling like he is at the moment.

Last week he went to get his spare leg refurbished. All the time he said he'd get another camo one, and then came out and said he'd gone for a red starry pattern. He was going to get one with Superhero cartoon faces in a repeating pattern on it, but said it probably wasn't appropriate for work situations. Then we went to a different hospital on the afternoon so he could get a plaster-cast done of his real leg so a splint could be made for his foot. The tech guy said if he could get material to match his leg he'd use that, so he may have matching legs and splints eventually.

Nanna is getting her stairlift in on Friday, which is great as the carers have been getting her up at 7 and putting her to bed at 9. She's not complaining, but it'll be good for her to get some independence back in terms of her own sleep patterns.

Last week we also went for a walk to High Force, a sort-of local waterfall. I really enjoyed the day, it was about an hours drive to get there and we picked up some eggs from a farm we passed and then got to the waterfall and walked down to it. I was pretty proud of myself getting there, especially as getting to the viewing place meant getting down some really steep stone steps. But I made it, and enjoyed sitting on the rocks in the sunshine, the spray from the waterfall hitting my face. Some pics )

I'm off for some garden time now as it's beautiful out there. A bit tidying up and then a reward of some reading with an ice cold pepsi max.
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We've been waiting for information about dad's estate for a while now, and this morning the letter finally came )

It was lovely to see so many people post that Nsync photo, and how many trickc comments were made. Obviously of course!

I'm sure most people will have seen this too but Beth linked to a short video of Justin roasting JC -- sadly not as interesting as it sounds -- which you can see here and happy birthday singing here.

I also like this pic where Chris is still hanging on, or has JC in a headlock, you decide. And because I can be kind and see more than trickc, some juc here and a blinding Joey grin.

In fact, that whole tumblr is worth a look.

ETA: Forgot I was going to link to this photo of Milo. Isn't he a beauty? *g*
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Had unexpected good news just now when my uncle phoned to say nanna was going home. Last I heard she was going to be discharged this coming weekend after a new caring system had been put in place, but it seems that's happened much faster than expected so she'll be home later this afternoon.

She's doing okay. Still very frail but as long as she's taking her new meds the heart issues should be under control for the moment. She does have to have carers three times a day now, so morning, dinner time and night, and my uncle is arranging to have a stairlift put in. Nanna will have to pay for that, but getting one from social services seems like it's going to be impossible and the council will take 6 months to arrange, which is far too long.

So yes, great news.

Last Friday I went to see Suicide Squad. James had won the tickets in a radio competition so it was at a different cinema than usual. It's actually our local cinema in Sunderland, but we prefer the Odeon so travel to MetroCentre instead. It was four tickets but everyone we asked couldn't come -- maybe they were trying to tell us something D: -- so we went on our own in the end. Of course I had my usual worry about not fitting in the seat, especially as they were just the normal kind and not premier, but all was fine. Really, whatever happens in the future I suspect I'll always have those worries, they're just too engrained now.

It was a fun night with cos-players outside of the cinema, though I was a little surprised to see we were seated only two rows back from the screen, which was a bit weird. As for the movie itself spoilers )

Jacie just linked to this over at popcomm. Everyone from Nsync celebrating JC's 40'th birthday. Be still my little sparkly heart. That made me very happy to see.

Now I'm going to go back to writing my terribly indulgent Musketeers spacefic. And while doing that ignore the fandom, all of which seems to hate the last episode and lots my favourite character. Though what is weird, while the show is slashy is all hell, I'm enjoying the het ship most seem to dislike with a passion.
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From [livejournal.com profile] brandywine28's post I saw there's the possibility Channing Tatum could be in the remake of Splash, but playing the part of the mermaid. Which come on, is all kinds of awesome. I love that in the linked article there are comments about how he'd actually be a merman, because really, maybe that would be technically correct, but it would be a thousand times better if he was an actual mermaid.

James set off to work this morning, got all the way to Newcastle, and found out he was actually on late shift, so had to come all the way home again. He's going to be so tired by 2am, and we were both unimpressed about the unneeded 5:30am start.

Nanna is still in hospital, and okay at the moment cut for medical, end of life stuff )

I've joined the ebook part of our local library. The range of ebooks isn't that great, but better than nothing. The only issue is my preferred method of reading ebooks is on my kindle, and you can't read the library books on that. So I'm using my phone, which is fine for a quick read while out and about, but not for a prolonged reading session. I suspect I'll have to upgrade my kindle sometime this year as it's started to freeze on occasions. Not surprising as it's one of the old models that doesn't even have a keyboard or wifi, but annoying when it happens. I've been casually checking out the fires, but no doubt will be back asking for solid advice on models when I actually do need to retire my old faithful.

Right, bath and book time then I must get some tv watched tonight as my dvr is down to 4% memory again.
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I don't know if I've mentioned but from Kayleigh's new house you can see where nanna lives.

Around 10 last night Kayleigh phoned asking what was wrong as there was an ambulance outside nanna's and all her lights were on. I phoned and my uncle answered, it turns out nanna was just about to be blue lighted to hospital after going to the doctor's earlier with chest pains. They'd taken a blood test and after checking it all sorts of red flags went up and she was sent to hospital with suspected heart failure and other things.

She had a bad night, when talking to my uncle he said he wouldn't be surprised if she didn't leave the hospital again. But, we've just talked to him again and he'd left there at 6am, and she's rallied and was looking better after meds and attention. She's still very ill though, but at least not on the verge of death like we though last night.

We'll be going to see her later, but I could do with going to bed again now there's some good news as neither of us slept last night. James really should have a nap too because he was at work to 2am.

I also feel bad about the carers seeing her to bed lately. I know I shouldn't, it's what had to happen, and what will need to happen in the future. Or more likely, thoughts about a home, even if it's said just to be a short-term thing at first. But that didn't help when I thought we were going to lose her last night.
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It's my brother's 40th birthday today. He's also scattering dad's ashes. I'm glad he's finally doing it because Pauline kept asking if he had, but didn't want to ask Chris himself, she felt dad wasn't totally at rest until they were done. Chris has had them a long time, but he's always said he wanted to wait for a nice day and then have a final game of golf with dad, scattering a bit at each hole. Whether he's always intended to wait until his birthday or it just hit him that it's finally the right time I don't know. But it was something he always took seriously as it was dad's last request. So I hope their last game is going well.

I went to see Star Trek and it was excellent. Touching and exciting and I really did enjoy every moment.

We also went to Beamish one day. It's a huge working museum with shops and a pit village and loads of other things. The whole site is ringed by trams you can travel on, but it was still a lot of walking and by the time we got home on the night I was good for nothing but soaking in a hot bath.

Some photos )

It's been a good week, included in that a visit to Lush where they gave me a free fresh face mask and we discussed new products and the Christmas range and just, man, that shop remains my favourite always.
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Unsurprisingly it turns out there's no MCR reunion on the cards, but I remain thrilled that we're getting something new. TBP is my favourite album of theirs, so I'm looking forward to seeing what's going on with the reissue. I know in the past Gerard has said it could have been a double album, so who knows, some new songs may appear. Whatever happens you know I'll be buying.

Oh, that reminds me. Brit bandom people who collect Pop Vinyl, they have a sale going on, two for £15 and they have two Gerard's and for anyone else, loads of other figures for that price.

Excellent news about nanna. Getting in touch with social services was very much the best thing we could have done. Since we called and in the space of a few days nanna has been assessed, is getting a key safe fitted on Monday, has a physio coming out to help her regain some of her strength and best of all, is having a team of two carers coming out on a night to help her to bed. This is part of a team set up to help elderly, sick and disabled people get the help they need to stay in their own homes. Initially it's a six week thing, but in that time they'll continue to assess and decide what permanent help she needs.

She had the first carer bed visit last night and said they were lovely ladies, so I think this is going to work. It means she's not feeling like a burden to her family, and the professionals will be there to see her daily and ensure she does get all the help that's out there. For example, they were going to come in the mornings too to do a bit housework, make meals etc but she's capable of doing that for herself at the moment, and obviously wants to hang onto as much independence as possible as long as she can. But if that changes in the future they'll be there ready.

James had good news too. At the moment he does twelve hour shifts three shifts on, three shifts off. With the hour commute either side it means on work days he's just getting home in time to eat some tea before it's nearly time to start getting ready for bed. It's a long time in an intense job and he's been finding it hard for a while, so asked if he could cut the length of his shifts down but work an extra day, and yesterday that was agreed. So in three weeks he'll go onto 9 and a half hour shifts and hopefully the extra downtime will help.

It's a lovely day today so I'm off to have some garden time. We planted cauliflowers in one of the raised beds this year and they've completely failed, so now we have a raised bed with nothing in it but a few sunflowers. So I'm going to plant some of the leftover tomato plants. They may fail too this late, but I might as well try. Better than an almost empty bed, anyway.

In short

Jul. 20th, 2016 08:48 pm
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Funnily enough, I was listening to live in Mexico TBP album yesterday and today and remembering just how much I love that band and their music.

I know this new info will probably be leading up to a reissue of TBP or something but still. Surely I can hope for some new group promo/appearances?

Other than that nothing much is going on. It's hot, I went swimming this morning, walked in the park this afternoon. Things with nanna are looking up and steps are already in the process to help her, so yeah, a good result there.

Mr Robot is on here tonight. I hope it's as good as everyone said.

I really want some new group pictures, people. Like, a lot.
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It was very nice to see gifs and pics of Mikey performing at the AP awards. He looks good with the additional happy-making bonus of still looking like a startled owl in some photos taken with fans.


If you're interested the electriccentury.pl tumblr has more pics, vids etc, including details of how to download the album legitimately for free if you don't already have it.

In completely different news. Had a sad night with nanna last night. My uncle has been there at night for the last three days and he'd mentioned how some distant relatives had asked him and my aunt to go visit them for a while. He said he wasn't going to go at the moment but it had hit nanna hard that if he did go away -- or if we wanted to go away for any extended period -- she'd be stuck. It was horrible seeing her last night, she looked so sad and talked about being a burden and said maybe it was time to get social services involved.

Which I agree with, but it's always had to be her decision to make. I went to talk to Kayleigh after, as her last job was actually caring for people in their homes, and she said one of those roles was going to people's homes and helping people into bed. So it's perfectly doable, just the arrangements need to be made and assessments made.

I have to admit, I'm a little annoyed at my uncle who seems perfectly happy to sit back and let me and James sort things out like this. I mean, yeah, he's had no experience of social services and getting aids etc, and we have. But he seems to be taking no interest at all, even to the extent of asking for numbers and then calling himself.

So, that's the plan for this morning. Then this afternoon we have to take mam to a medical thing, and then maybe after that we'll get to enjoy this sunshine. Really what I want to do is go swimming, but there's no chance of that yet.

Finally, I enjoyed Ghostbusters so so much! It was fantastic. Though I did question the thought process of taking a toddler to see it, and got annoyed at the three young boys who decided not to sit in their own seats but claim couches instead. Which in itself I'd have ignored, but the constant talking and using of their phones not so much. Thankfully they got moved and the man they ended up sitting in front had no issue in telling them to shut up and sit down.
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We're heading out to see Ghostbusters this afternoon. Though, considering James just came off his last shift at 2am I suspect the odds of him staying awake through the whole thing aren't good. Really it would have been best to go tomorrow but Monday is cheap day at Odeon which means we don't need to pay too much of a supplement for Gallery tickets.

I don't plan on waking him until dinnertime, so he may be okay, but if not. It won't be the first time -- or last -- he's had a snooze in the cinema, and those couches are comfy.

Had a bit of a scare last week when my FiL fell backwards while putting my MiL's wheelchair in the house and bashed his head on the pavement. We'd just came back from helping nanna to bed when I got a frantic call from MiL who was talking about blood and falling and what should she do? In the end James drove through there, but FiL didn't want to go to hospital, so in the end MiL had to stay up with him all night. He's okay now, just scared people as head wounds do tend to bleed like crazy.

We took nanna out for a few hours last week. It's the first time she's been out of the house for months, so was a positive sign. We ended up at Tynemouth again. I swear, we haven't been to that place for ages and then lately we've been four times in as many weeks. It was good as we could pull the car up near to the door to the pub we went to for dinner, and inside there's a beautiful ocean view. It was lovely to see nanna out and about, and I had to laugh when as usual she said she could barely eat anything after putting away a prawn cocktail starter and a carvery.

We drove to Saint Mary's Island after eating, and as Pauline had come too, nanna said we should go and stretch our legs and Pauline would keep her company. So we did, and had a quick walk over to the lighthouse. Which you can see here. I tell you, this having energy thing is kinda cool.

Fannish wise I've been in a Mag 7 reading binge for the last few days. My pairing of choice remains Vin/Ezra and I was very excited one day to find a 90K ATF story for them. Then I started to read, and knew I couldn't do it. It was just terrible. But thankfully I later found a 100K story for them which I'm reading through now.

I'm also writing. I was thinking about The Musketeers, and looking at my h/c bingo card, and the robots prompt caught my eye. So now I'm writing about a robot&human space sex station. As you do. Well, you do if you're me. No idea if anyone will read, I know the fandom does do AUs, but maybe not space AUs. But hey, I'm having fun with it.

Someone is reading through all my bandom stuff at the moment and leaving kudos and comments. They hit When Day Is Night Alone last night and it's nice to know the story can still prompt a reaction. It's been so lovely seeing those comments come in.

Finally, like many others I've been playing Pokemon Go. It's good stuff, adds a bit of interest to walking and I do love annoying James by managing to grab Pokemon and Pokestops when we're driving slowly. Though he got his own back yesterday by telling me that his workplace is surrounded by gyms and pokespots and he'd caught three pokemon on his break.
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Finally the weather has turned to summer-like, and I had a very lovely day on Thursday.

We went to see Now You See Me 2, which I enjoyed so much more than I was expected, walked around Metrocentre and checked out all three of the shops I buy clothes in, came home and then went out to eat with Pauline. She wanted to go to a local Indian resturant, one that used to be one of dad's favourite places to go. Pauline hadn't eaten there since, so this was a big step in terms of going back to much loved places.

After that we dropped her off at home, and as it was such a lovely evening decided to head to the beach, and it was so beautiful there. One of those calm, warm nights, the sun slowly setting and the water looking so inviting. I did end up going for a plodge eventually, so ended up going to nanna's and then home with damp trousers and sandy feet, but it was well worth it.

It was the MiL's birthday yesterday, but as James was at work we took her out on Friday. She finds it really painful and difficult to walk now, so we ended up at the coast -- though a different part from the night before -- and she, James and my FiL had fish and chips in the car while I got a salad from Subway. We eventually ended up at St Mary's Island at Whitley Bay, so while James stayed with his mam and dad I went for a quick mooch about.

Some photos )

Corey had been staying in Newcastle that week, so once we dropped off the in laws we headed over there and brought him home for the weekend. He was supposed to be going back today but that didn't actually happen.

James had terrible nerve pains in his stump leg just before he was due to go to work. We don't know if it's because of his new leg, the insole he's started to wear throwing him slightly off balance or what, but the pain hit suddenly and he was in agony, saying it felt like his stump was on fire. There wasn't a chance he could go to work, so all he's done today is sit with his legs up and wait for the pain to ease.

Thankfully it's started to do so, so hopefully all will be well tomorrow.
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It was my latest wls appointment today more )
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Some good news. Kayleigh has a house!

Unlike the last one that fell through she actually has the keys for this one and will be paying rent from tomorrow. I'm so happy for her -- and me I have to admit, because finally I can see an end to the endless loop of complaints from mam about Kayleigh's cats, Kayleigh being in the big bedroom, Kayleigh not doing any housework etc.

Last week I went to Blackwell Grange hotel with James, Pauline, Pauline's daughter, SiL and granddaughter. It was only an overnight stay but I very much enjoyed it. Included in the price was tea and cream scone when you first arrived, a two course dinner with a glass of wine and full english breakfast, all of which was delicious. Especially the chicken parmo, which I want to eat again right now.

You may remember me saying how the hotel has a pool and I was worried about wearing my costume in front of people. Well, I did, and went swimming. Though the pool itself was really small and got crowded when more than three people tried to swim. No mention was made about my legs, though Pauline did ask if I wanted her to dry my feet for me before I put on my shoes. But that was covered as strangely, even at my heaviest I've always been able to touch my toes easily.

The only down side was there was no mixed changing room so I could help James get dressed after, which meant he had to crawl along to the public sitting area and wait for me to get dressed and help him put on his leg. Thankfully he left his swimming shorts on and we got fully changed in our hotel room, because otherwise we'd have been stuck. When we were checking out the receptionist asked if things had been fine and we mentioned that, and the manager came over and said someone should have made sure the male changing room was empty so I could nip in and help James, and they'd make sure the leisure people would be told that.

Otherwise all was great, especially as on the night we were there a local school was having their prom so we got to see all the girls dressed up to the nines and the boys in the suits. I don't have many photos but here's a wonky one of me and James in the gazebo.

The day after I went with James to Zizzi's for a leaving do/meal for one of his work mates. There were at least 70 people there and the only one I knew was James, and as it was noisy, and we were sat at long tables in lines it was really hard to talk to anyone, so I mostly sat like a spare part. Plus, we got stung with someone deciding that everyone should put in the same amount to cover the bill. Which is fair enough when you decide that in advance, but not so much when, like us, you only have one course and a diet coke and end up putting in extra money to cover the people who had starters, desserts, and bottles of wine.

On Friday Pauline bought us a a bird bath as a wedding present. It's so lovely and of course, being for the garden is a nod to dad.

Other than that, not much is going on. Corey is back in Newcastle for his cleaning job. Nanna is still the same, James has a new shiny black leg, I'm still swimming loads, and GoT kicked ass to the end.

Oh, and Gleb has left Strictly! Woe. Not a surprise as he has form of doing so, but what am I going to do when I can't watch his pretty face and laugh at his ever inflating ego. No more Gleb specials. I say again. Woe! I'd also say I hoped he'd do a special on celeb Masterchef but that means thinking of Gregg, and just. No!
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We brought the rest of Corey's stuff from uni yesterday. Of course when we got home he remembered he'd left all his cutlery and plates behind. He could go back I guess but by the end of term he only had 1 big and 2 side plates left and the cutlery was just a very cheap set, so he's leaving them. Though if other students do the same he may find some left behind when he goes for his flat cleaning job next week.

Nanna was getting her extra stair rails fitted today, so hopefully she'll be able to get up the stairs on her own again. I don't mind going up to help her to bed every night but obviously it's better if she has that independence, plus, when James is at work it means my uncle has a 30 minute trip to take over, which obviously isn't ideal.

It's been a beautiful day today. I've got things done in the house, tidied the garden a little, dried two loads of washing on the line and now it's time for bath and a book. Then later, when the sun is lower, I'll go and water and feed all the plants.

GoT. What an amazing episode that last ep was. But now I have worries about the last one and how they'll end this season.

I got a h/c bingo card! Yes, I suck at filling them. Yes, I never actually post any fills to the comm that I do write. But I'm a sucker for that community and suspect I'll dabble in The Musketeers again and maybe if inspiration strikes, some bandom.

My hc_bingo card )
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Had a busy day today. Swimming in the morning, then off to the in-laws so James could drop off the FiL's card, nanna's after that, dropped Pauline off home and had a coffee with her there. Then off to the cinema to watch Gods of Egypt, and as we hadn't had any dinner, eat too many nachos.

The film was okay, nothing earth shattering but not terrible, a very middle level film really. At least I think so, James would tell you his verdict but he fell asleep and missed most of it. We got to talk to one of our favourite cinema ladies, too. I don't think I said but one of the last times we were there she told us she was in charge of the old promotion stuff and for a donation could give things away. Which is how we ended up coming home with two huge -- and I mean huge, X Men promo posters. Not the kind that go to advertise what's on outside, the ones that hang in the foyer and are 6 foot plus tall. A Mad Max one the same size, and a promo poster for the new Star Trek movie. Corey's claimed the Mad Max one, but the others will be going up in the spare bedroom.

We had planned on staying to see Alice in Wonderland, but James had already slept through one film, it seemed a bit pointless for him to sleep through two. So home we came, and now I'm just waiting to go see nanna to bed in about an hour.

It's another limb centre appointment tomorrow so straight to bed when we get home, and I'll make sure that have something to read because James is getting casts made so it'll be a long boring morning as very understandably, they don't let anyone tag along to the treatment room so all the amputees can be comfortable while waiting.

After that it's off to get Corey and the last of his stuff as he needs to give up his flat completely this week.

Next Wednesday we're going with Pauline and her family to stay overnight at a hotel. She's been before and really likes it and it's always good to spend time with them as a group. The hotel has a pool and she was saying she may take her costume and have a swim and we could too. Which yeah, we could and I do love swimming. But it's weird how difficult it feels thinking about wearing a costume in front of people I know. Not that they'll say anything, just, I'm getting used to 'my' pool I guess, a place where I've come to feel very comfortable now.

But, that's to decide next week. I just can't believe we'll be sleeping over again. It's been years since I've slept away from home and now it'll be three times in the space of so many weeks.

It's father's day today. I miss dad. That's all I've got to say about that.
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My Camp Sparkle visit was a fantastic success, the only thing that could have made it better was if we could have stayed longer. Meeting up with everyone felt like coming home, and my hug quota has been filled for a little while.

I got to hang and talk with lots of fabulous people, sat and watched Dead 7 -- which was just as terribly awful/amazing as I expected -- drank out of a Chris mug, ate good food and on Tuesday go to Chester for the day, where I spent most of it hanging with [personal profile] sperrywink and for the first time got 10k steps on my fitbit \o/

James also fit in nicely. Enough so I left him watching another movie while I went to bed, and then when he woke the next day he found he'd gone to sleep with a pixi stix in his mouth. Then last night, I was about to go to sleep when James told me that guy I liked was on an episode of Tanked, so I woke myself up enough to half watch Nick and his wife get a new fishtank installed in his house. Which was very nice, and I enjoyed hearing Nick talk about sharks and how water calmed him, and of course enjoyed looking at his wife and imagining her as a warrior priestess.

I also got to see this guy who friends of Turlough will recognise. )

The journey home was a bit of a nightmare for the first half as the rain was torrential at times, but we took it slow, stopped often, and made it home in the end.

So yes, Camp Sparkle was fabulous, even if very short.

The Monday we went away was a bit busy as I had my psych appointment, and after that we phoned Corey to ask if he was on his way home from Download, and he said he was, and was nearly back in Newcastle and could we bring him home. So instead of heading straight to Wales we picked the kidlet up, which was good as he was exhausted, and had a mild version of trench foot due to standing in very deep water nearly all weekend. The whole festival was a washout for him and his group of friends. He had to buy a new tent after his first one flooded, had to buy wellies and waterproofs and still he was soaked through after it rained heavily throughout the weekend. He said lots of people went home, and no wonder when the sites looked like this )

My psych visit went well too. cut for talk of weight stuff )

To end, the latest GoT ep wasn't the best I've seen but one part did make me want to fist pump and go YES! And no, it wasn't anything to do with cock.
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