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If anyone ever wants to make podfic of any of my stories you have blanket permission to do so. The exception being any co-writes, in which case you'll have to ask the permission of the other writer.

This masterlist is very out of date. All my stories are now uploaded at A03.
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James' birthday went nicely yesterday. Quiet because the decorator was in so we couldn't go out until the night, but he got nice cards and gifts and Corey came home for the day, before we went out to dinner at a local Thai restaurant. I did wear my reindeer print dress, which you can see here and a picture of James and Corey here. Which isn't the best of either of them, but at least I got one.

The decorator is here again now, so I'm contained to the living room with the cats while he finishes the wallpapering. He did the painting yesterday, and already things looked much brighter. So once the wallpaper is up it'll look even better -- and I can put my house back in order. Until next week anyway.

We did go to Beamish and had a lovely time. Because the schools are still in and it was cold it wasn't crowded at all, which meant no queues while waiting to get on the trams or old fashioned buses. I got to feed the reindeer, though didn't see Santa as he was tucked away. However, I did pose next to his sleigh. Went on a ride on the steam wagon train thing, which was really jerky with the bonus of one of the steam men driving it being a total hotass. Walked loads, including through lots of wet ground so my shoes were filthy when I got home. Saw all the museum decked out for Christmas, and just generally had a really nice time.

I did mini nano \o/ I wrote every day, not a lot on some days, but enough I always got my target. Which means my bandom holidays story is completely done and will soon be going off to beta.

A final good thing. I got the most adorable soft and sparkly reindeer from [personal profile] turlough today. It's going to look so good under the tree with the other sparkle deers. But until then, it's hanging out on my desk.

ETA: I knew I'd forgotten something. Thank you [personal profile] dine for the Christmas card. It's cute as a button and I love it loads.
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We were going to go to Beamish today to see it all decked out for Christmas, then tomorrow we had plans to go see a cheesy Christmas movie followed by a bit final shopping before the decorator arrives on Thursday. Then Kayleigh needed someone to drive her to a medical appointment as she's not allowed to drive afterwards, and as her appointment is early afternoon all our plans have had to be changed. So, it's Beamish tomorrow, and cheesy movie hopefully next week.

It's also James' birthday on Thursday and we always put the tree up on that day. But I keep telling him we really can't do that when the decorator is busy, so I suspect that'll be bumped to Sunday. I may still wear my reindeer print new dress though, James' bd and the 1st of Dec has to be a good day to do that.

We were at the Metrocentre to see Allied yesterday. It was slow to start and I thought I was going to be bored, but it picked up, though spoiler for end if anyone plans to see it )

In that show a woman brought someone who looked like her grandma, and they kept making me laugh as the grandma just wouldn't shut up, and then insisted she wasn't actually talking loud when hushed. They left before the end, though. With a lot of commotion as the grandma came in a wheelchair and couldn't get down the few steps in the darkness to get back to it.

In the not so good news, James was turned down for his grant to get the special toilet due to having a full time job. They said they'd pay anything over 4k, but as the toilet and installation came to £4.2k no way could we pay that initial 4. There's still hope as his union and ambulance service give out grants to people who need help, so he has the forms for both of those. So, fingers crossed that between them the money will be raised, as the toilet has been approved, it just needs funding.

It was Pauline's eldest son's 50th birthday last week, so we were over at hers for a gathering. While there and before the rest of the family arrived Pauline was talking about nanna and how she'd said the previous week that I'd said I'd lost weight but nanna couldn't see it. Apparently both Pauline and my uncle said she must be blind then, which is nice that they had my back. But it did make what I thought was a nice surprise compliment from nanna the next week that I had lost weight when she saw my red dress photo into something I suspect was more for show to stop Pauline and my uncle being annoyed at her.

It's not something I'm upset about, I'm secure in myself and how I'm doing, but man, sometimes nanna just doesn't get it. Which is why I'm glad she's the only person I haven't told I had the op, because in her eyes, the only time I'll be successful is when I'm a size 10 or something.

I'm also a bit surprised Pauline said something. She has had my back through all of this, gives great compliments and was obviously annoyed and upset with what had been said, but sometimes I just think silence is better.

But, like I said I'm not upset. I still love nanna and next week we're taking her and Pauline out for a Christmas dinner. Maybe I'll wear my red dress that day, have a bit of a swish around and I'll feel great, even if nanna still does think I haven't changed.
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If you'd like a Christmas card could you leave your address below -- comments are screened. Or feel free to send me a DM or email. That's turps33 at gmail dot com

If you'd rather have a card that's not actually for Christmas, just say.

Also, even if you think I have your address please leave it anyway. It's easier for me to have them all in one post.
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We're getting the stairs, hallway and passage wallpapered and painted on the 1st. On the 12th they're coming to fit our new bathroom. While the second is closer to Christmas than I'd like, neither are big worries, but it did occur to me that it meant we'd need to get a lot of present buying etc done before Dec, so that's what we've been doing.

As of now the majority of stuff has been bought, cards are bought, and the ones that have to travel the furthest sent away, which astounds me as I'm never that organised. We've started to buy non perishable, good dated food stuff and put it to one side. Of course having the new Lidl so close helps with that, I mean, their Christmas range is right there! So we have stolen and all kinds of lovely things ready for various gatherings and buffets.

I've walked the Metrocenter loads lately, though the busiest day James was in his wheelchair and I forgot my fitbit steps wouldn't count as my hand is always still on the handle. Sadness! I'm sure that would have been another 10k step day. I've also bought another dress, which is gorgeous, but also silly as it won't fit soon. But, it's so lovely and I love it so.

We went to see Fantastic Beasts in 3D Imax yesterday, which I really enjoyed.

Mini nano is still going well and my bandom holidays story is almost finished.

It's my first post op hospital check tomorrow. I've things to say about that, but I'll wait until then.

And finally, I'll be putting a holiday card address post soon. So look out for that.
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I was surprised to see it's been so long since I posted.

Things are going okay, just busy. We're decorating right now and for the last week or so I've been stripping the wallpaper from the hall, stairs and landing. As it's blown vinyl wallpaper covered in many years worth of paint it was coming off in tiny sharp shards at first. Then we got our hands on a wallpaper stripper and it's gone faster from then. Unfortunately I'm just an inch too short to reach the ceiling, even when standing on a step, so that top bit is taking longer than the rest of the wall put together. We bought long handled scrapers, but it still means stretching up to steam the spot and then scraping away, my neck aching all the time.

Then there was the cluster fuck with the bed last week. We'd bought a new super king size bed as the old one was well past its best. Corey used to sleep in it with us when he was a bairn, so that shows how old it was. Knowing how big the beds would be we paid extra for the old bed to be taken away and the new one set up. So the new bed arrived, the delivery men looked at the old one and said they wouldn't take it as the mattress had some stains and the divan scratched in places by the cats.

When James asked what we were supposed to do they said could we arrange for someone to come take the bed out, and they'd bring back the new bed later, but we'd have to pay another delivery on top of the first one. Which we said no to, so they left, and with James, I took ages wrestling the old bed downstairs where a local man with a van type picked it up and took it to the tip. We did get part of the delivery fee back, but that was wiped out by the man with the van.

What's annoying is if they'd said the mattress needed to be pristine to be moved or otherwise wrapped we would have done so, but they never did. But, at least the bed is in there now and very comfortable. At least for me, James says it's making his hips hurt, but I suspect that's because he's sleeping on an actual firm mattress now and not one that's gone soft with age.

In the last weeks we've also gone to Mog on the Tyne, the cat cafe, again, which was fabulous! And gone to see lots of movies, my favourite being A Streetcat Named Bob, which was amazing and everything I wanted in a film.

Mini nano is going well and I've hit my target each day. Though considering I only put down 100 daily words that's not hard to do. But, it does mean my bandom holidays story is going nicely and should be easily done in time.
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The gathering went well on Wednesday. We talked about dad, laughed a lot -- especially when the firework Pauline had selected to set off was done too close to the bungalow, meaning people watching had to scatter everywhere while obscured by clouds of smoke. I planted a butterfly bush with my brother, while the grandchildren planted another and we all released balloons. It was nice and very fitting. Though if dad had seen the firework he'd have been very disproving.

We drove Corey back to Newcastle after as he had classes the next morning, and then came home to catch up on the final episode of Bake Off. I'm going to miss that show. No way will it be the same after the move.

James went for a wheelchair assessment on Thursday as the one he has now is well past its best. The new one he's getting is very nifty, and much lighter than the one he has now, which will make hauling it into the boot of the car much easier.

Unfortunately he's off work with a nasty kidney infection at the moment. At one point he was close to being admitted to hospital for IV antibiotics, but thankfully that danger seems to be past so it's a case of resting up and being constantly harassed to drink. Which I feel is justified as he's spent the last five weeks telling me I need to drink more.

Good news for him. James was supposed to work all over Christmas and new year, but they try to shuffle shifts so everyone gets one day off, and he's ended up with Christmas day \o/ He's on day shift Christmas eve and Boxing day, but will be home by half five, so that's no issue. And on night shift New Years eve, meaning I'll be spending that alone, which again, no issue as I don't rate new year anyway. It was Christmas Day we always wanted, and he got it.

I joined bandom holidays and have an assignment that I really like. It's been a long time since I've been in an exchange so I'm a bit nervous, but I have an idea that I think will work, so hopefully all will be good.

I'm nearly finished the Cainsville series and still no threesome, damn them! I looked and there's 3 Cainsville stories at AO3, including two threesomes. I've got them tabbed to read later tonight. I really hope I won't be disappointed.
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Dad died a year ago today.

He went so fast, from being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, to falling a few weeks later and breaking his hip, and then that last week was horrific and undignified and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

We're having a gathering at Pauline's tonight. I'm going to pick up 18 balloons soon and we're going to let them go and think about him and no doubt tears will happen. Because I miss him, so very much.

I wish he could me now. Not that it would matter. No matter what I looked like or did, I was always his little girl and I always knew he loved me.

And I loved him right back.
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Happy Birthday, Kimberly.

You're one of my most favourite people ever, and I hope your birthday has been great.

All the love coming your way, from me and the Captain.
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Thank you [personal profile] sperrywink for the Halloween and super cute lobster magnet ♥

Guardian of the Galaxy 2 trailer. I'm looking forward to seeing that so much.

It looks like Mikey and Kristin may be expecting a baby girl. That's such lovely news for them.

Recently I've been reading Kelley Armstrong's Cainsville series. I just finished book three last night, and while I'm enjoying the series loads, part of the story is the main character torn between two men, and all I can think of is, surely a threesome is the answer? I've one book to go, maybe it will go that way. I'd like to think so.

We had a very nice time at the Lake District. We were lucky enough to get a garden room, which mean our room had a door that opened straight onto a tiny area with a metal table and chairs for our use, then straight onto the hotel gardens. It was so lovely, especially so when I woke the next day and could have the door wide open, listening to the rain as I drank my coffee and woke up.

While there I could move from puree onto soft food, so could eat some of the breakfast that came as part of the deal. I only managed a veggie sausage, half a slice of toast, a spoonful of beans and half an egg, but man, they tasted good. And I was so full afterwards, enough I didn't even attempt to eat until late afternoon.

The first day we went we went to Grasmere, mainly because James wanted some gingerbread. You get it from this tiny shop you have to queue to get into, and all they sell is gingerbread or gingerbread flavoured things. James came out with a bag full and has been happily eating it ever since.

The next day, after checking out of the hotel, we went for our cruise on lake Windermere. We started outside, and stayed there for a while as the scenery was stunning. But while I was fine dealing with the cold, when it started to rain heavily it was too much, so we spent the rest of the time inside.

We visited an aquarium that day, but mostly it was all about the beautiful scenery and enjoying the views while sheltering from the rain.

Some photos, all of which were shared on Instagram by me or James, so apologies to those who've already seen them. in here )
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We're heading off to a groupon deal to the Lake District tomorrow. An overnight stay at a hotel, plus a cruise around lake Windermere. I'm looking forward to it a lot, the lakes in autumn are going to be gorgeous.

I've joined mini nano, but picked a very low target of 100 words daily. Not that I know what I'm going to write. I'm tempted by bandom holidays and there's Sperrywink's Billy/Goodnight exchange, too. Guess I just need to get my nerve up about joining an exchange again.

I've just ordered two new dresses from Simply Be. I told myself not to do so as I've got plenty of clothes, but they tempted me with 25% off and free delivery. Plus, one of the dresses has a Christmas reindeer print. I'm not made of stone, people! I did order both a size down so they should last over the holiday season at least.

And talking of. I may have been watching Christmas movies on the Christmas movie channel. I know, I know, it's far too early, but I love the stupid cheesy things. Also, I've found this years sparkle deer!

And linking to that photo reminded me we went to Tynemouth aquarium last week. It's only a small one but we enjoyed the seal show and saw the otters which always make me think of Turlough.

I don't think anyone else watched but I finally watched the end episodes of Hart of Dixie. I really enjoyed that show and think it ended up perfectly. That song and dance routine was so Bluebell, and it was just nice to watch something that was really happy.
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First, [personal profile] sperrywink is running a Goodnight/Billy exchange, right here. If you've seen the new Magnificent Seven movie I'm sure you'll agree there's a need for such a thing.

Second, thank you [personal profile] dine for the postcard and message. It was very much appreciated. ♥

The cheque for my dad's estate finally came through last week more )

We went to see Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children and really enjoyed it. I do think it was rated a bit low, though. A lot of young kids went to see it, with one grandma and her granddaughter walking out after half an hour or so, not surprising as it was really creepy in that Tim Burton Way.

I got a letter from the doctor saying the lymphodemia clinic wouldn't take me back on yet but would happily reassess that after I'd lost a significant amount of weight. I'm not too disappointed about it, yeah, my legs look horrible but I can get around okay, have gained confidence to go swimming at my small pool and wide legged trousers hide a multitude of sins. It's just a shame that significant amount of weight is so vague. I guess all I can do is see what happens next year.

One week and two days and I can leave puree stage behind \o/
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I'm feeling almost back to normal. It helps that I've been out and about the last few days, including going to the cinema both Thursday and Friday. We went to see Magnificent Seven -- Goodnight/Billy exists, right? it has to -- and then Deepwater Horizon, both of which were very tense to watch. My new drink of choice is a small iced coffee, which lasts me the whole movie, very different to the pepsi max, sweets and nachos we used to have.

I'm still tired at night, usually heading to bed for 9, but that's getting better, and in a few weeks I'll be able to go swimming and lift heavy things again.

I also went to Lush to get some of the new Halloween products and oh my goodness, the Christmas range is out. Little Christmas dinos on sticks. Penguins! Snow Fairy body conditioner! *__________*

This week a fresher died of meningitis at Corey's uni. I feel so bad for her parents, I know how hard it was when Corey went away last year, to think of your child doing that and dying in the first week. I can't even imagine how hard that must be. I've been talking to Corey asking if they've arranged for the students to have meningitis inoculations if they haven't had them. I know the risk will be tiny, but better safe than sorry.

I bought Living With Ghosts. Obviously I like TBP CD but the other was good too. It was interesting to see how the rough mix songs evolved from those to the ones we actually know now. The Five Of Us Are Dying kept catching me out, thinking I knew where it was going and then changing completely.
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I can't believe that this time last week I was heading into hospital. The people on the wls forum said time would fly and they're right.

I'm feeling much more like myself now. I have no pain unless I move wrong but still get tired really easily. Not surprising really considering what I had done and the amount of food I'm eating. more )
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I'm home.

Surgery went very well and I'm doing fine. Just very tired right now. So just a quickie to say all is well and I'll catch up asap. Thank you for all your messages before I went in ♥
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It was my dad's birthday yesterday, so another first over with. I thought about him often, and when we went for a ride to the beach Hungry Eyes, one of the songs from the funeral came on, so some tears were shed then.

It goes without saying I still miss him loads.

I'm off to the hospital soon. I check in today and have my op tomorrow, hopefully getting home on Thursday. I'm nervous but I'm still sure this is the right thing to do.

I'll update asap.
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It's BBB season, and I have a few works I've got tabbed to read asap.

But what I'm posting for is [personal profile] turlough has finally been able to post her amazing knitted!kitty MCR. Seriously, they're fabulous. I've had the pleasure to art beta them along with [personal profile] sperrywink and seeing the kitties come to life has been a very awesome thing, and the end result is ridiculously fab.

Even if you don't like the band go check out the work anyway just to check out the knitting and uniform making skills, you won't regret it.

Welcome to the Black ( cat ) Parade

As for me, life keeps chugging on. We went to see Ben Hur at the weekend, and just, yeah. The chariot race was amazing but the end. cut in case anyone actually wants to see it )

Bake Off moving to channel four is very sad-making, especially as Mel and Sue are leaving, too. I suspect Mary will go too and everything will be wrong and just not Bake Off.

I've been watching and really enjoying the Paralympics, and love that we're getting a daily episode of The Last Leg. That show remains all kind of awesome, and Johnnie Peacock in a tutu has to be one of my favourite things I've seen lately, made even better by Josh' crush
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I had an earlier start then I expected this morning. I woke up around 6 and needed the toilet, went, came back for some more sleep and one of the cats had puked on my side of the bed. As James had come off a night shift I had to clean up the best I could, stuff a towel over the wet part and then get up far too early. Then when I got down I found a slug in the living room. It's already bad enough they try to eat all my plants, now they're breaking into the house.

I got a letter today about dad's estate. If you remember a cheque for 1k had gone missing last time so we couldn't sign the final settlement letters. Well, after Pauline kicked up a fuss with someone else at the solicitors office, the cheque was found. It turns out the solicitor dealing with dad's money hadn't sent the cheque off like she was supposed to and it was still sitting in her files. But that's been sorted now and the new letters came this morning and hopefully, soon things will be at an end. Pauline still intends to put a complaint in once the money has been given out, though. The lack of communication was bad enough, but not filing the cheque was just careless.

Yesterday we had a visit from an occupational health lady from social services. We'd asked for one because recently the in laws had a new wet room installed in their house by applying for and getting a grant for disabled people who need improvements in the home but own their own house. We've been looking at special toilets for a while, but they cost way over 1k so couldn't afford one ourselves, so once we found out about the grant we decided to apply, and it looks like it's going to happen. James has to go look at the toilets in about a fortnight, and if they're suitable it's just a case of waiting for the money to become available. She warned that may be up to 6 months, but that's fine, it's something we thought would never get, and will make James' life so much easier.

I couldn't resist this, even if I'm late.

The Friday Five for Stardate 11609.09: Star Trek 50th Anniversary

1. Where were you on September 8, 1966? Did you watch the first episode of Star Trek that evening? If you are too young -- did your parents watch it?
I didn't exist then, and wouldn't for a while. I doubt my parents would have watched either. Neither are/were into the genre and back then they were too busy being kids to watch tv.

2. Who is your favorite Star Trek captain, and why?
Captain Janeway. That woman kicks ass. No way would they have got home from the Delta Quadrant without her. She had to rule over a ship made up of Starfleet officers and the marquis and somehow made them into a fully functioning crew. She was stern when needed, compassionate at times and was just in general amazing.

3. Who is your favorite Star Trek character of all time, and why?
Tom Paris. Oh my goodness, that man. The so-called bad guy with a heart of gold and a bucket full of daddy issues. He messed up badly and had to fight to gain any kind of respect,but got that in the end. On the surface he was all wise cracks and pop culture, but underneath he was so much more. I loved his relationship with B'Elanna and his deep friendship with Harry, and how he also became friends with the Doctor, Janeway, Tuvok, Chakotay, Seven and Neelix. He was amazing, and my heart still hurts when I think if him being demoted to ensign in Thirty Days.

4. Which Star Trek series is your favorite, and why?

I think that should be obvious. Voyager!

I do like the Original Series but I'm not keen on Kirk, which considering he's front and centre at all times makes things difficult.

The Next Generation was good, and I watched all of the eps, but I never had that one character who pulled me in.

DS9 was enjoyable, and I really liked Bashir.

Enterprise was okay, but again, nothing special. Really, the problem was, none of them were Voyager.

5. Which Star Trek movie is your favorite, and why?

I like Star Trek Generations.
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After a few weeks of weather that was turning autumn like, summer has returned with a vengeance. It was 26 degrees when I was out earlier, blazing sunshine and I was so hot walking around that I looked like a tomato. It is lovely being in the garden in this heat, though. So much nicer reading with an ice cold pepsi max than walking around.

Which we had to do earlier as James had two hospital appointments. The first was just to check on his wrist. There's nothing wrong with it but his doctor likes to keep him in the system just in case, so he gets a quick check up every 6 months. Today though, one of his junior doctors was sent in at first, and the poor guy, he obviously had no idea about AMC or what he was supposed to be looking at or asking. He went out pretty sharp and the consultant came in, had a quick look at James' hand and then they just had a natter about general stuff for five minutes.

After that it was a walk down to another department to pick up his new foot splint. Sadly, while it fits his foot beautifully, it doesn't fit elsewhere so it's gone back to be modified, so we'll pick that up next week sometime. Then it was off to Newcastle to drop a computer lead off to Corey, as he'd gone back without it.

And talking of Corey. He moved in to his house on Friday, on Saturday they had a neighbour complain about noise. Sigh. They're going to have to remember they're not in halls now, so need to be considerate of the people around them. They did apologise and turn the music down, though. I'm sure they must be the neighbour's worst nightmare as there's a drum kit in the bay window and two different guitars propped up on display. None of them are bad lads, so hopefully they'll learn to fit in noise wise -- and soon.

I was at my pre op on Monday. All went well, bloods and swabs done, medical history taken and an ecg done. Which provided the weird moment of the day. The room was divided into four curtained bays, and I had the bed next to the scales where everyone attending needed to be weighed. So I'm lying there, wires and pads on my chest, legs and arms, shirt pushed up against my neck and bra on display, when the nurse opened the curtains too wide and gave everyone at the scales a good show. It could have been worse, though. Talking to the forum people most ecgs are taken with no bra on, at least I was spared that.

An excellent tv night tonight with both Bake Off and the start of the parlympics, something I'm really looking forward to watching. So roll on the window open, a cold drink and some good tv to watch.
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Corey went back for his second year at uni yesterday. He's sharing a house with three friends, and I have to admit to a bit of worry about how they're going to manage now they have to pay for their own internet access and pay rent monthly. He's pretty sensible, but also very fond of going out, they all are tbh. But, they have their own lives now and need to sort such things out themselves.

At least, unlike last year, I didn't end up crying over him when he left -- the few tears I shed when he walked away didn't count. Really they didn't.

Replying to comments earlier I was reminded I didn't update about what happened with the hospital phone call. Well, I have my date. I go into hospital the 19th of this month, have the op the next day, stay in for a day after that, then should be able to come home. more about pre op diet )

Prompted by a conversation I'm going to go to the doctors and ask to be referred to the lymphodemia clinic again. The wouldn't do any treatments last time as they were worried about heart issues if they pushed fluid from my legs, but I've dropped a load of weight since then and will continue to do so. So may as well get the ball rolling.

The above conversation was strange. I was at the local country park, just sitting enjoying watching the sailing boats and swans on the lake, when two ladies sat next to me. When I got up to go they asked did I know that I had lymphodemia, and it turned out both of them had it badly too, but had never met anyone else with the same thing who lived in the area. So we talked, and they were astounded I wasn't being treated, and when I said about going into hospital they said did I realise that losing weight wouldn't do anything for my legs, and yes, I do know that, but it'll do stuff for the rest of my body.

They were lovely ladies and did have my best interest at heart. But it was such a strange conversation, especially as it happened so randomly.

Oh, and to end because I'm sure you're all sick of my health issues. A few days ago there was a trailer on for a new show. I wasn't really watching closely but James said, look, it's got the pretty one from the Musketeers in it. So he re-winded so I could see, and I asked which one, the queen or Constance? He replied, no, one of the actual Musketeers, so way to go James understanding the prettiness of Musketeers. It's just sad he thinks the wrong one is pretty.
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