Feb. 23rd, 2017

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Thank you to [personal profile] dine and [personal profile] romantical for the cards that arrived this morning, and for the messages inside ♥

We've been to see The Space Between Us today. It was okay, nothing that outstanding but entertaining enough.

Two days ago we went to see The Great Wall, which again was entertaining, visually stunning in parts, but nothing I'd class as one of my top films.

Tomorrow we've tickets to see Moonlight, and depending on how James feels may go to an earlier showing of either John Wick or Patriot's Day. Obviously we've been to the cinema a lot, but it's suits us right now when James is still feeling so off. It's easy to park there and push him in, and of course having a limitless ticket means the cost is kept down. Well, if you discount my skinny, sugar free caramel latte over ice habit.

Lately I've been trying to do new things. Included in this has been buying and wearing jeans, a few weeks ago I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time, and then the day we went to see the Great Wall, I had my lashes and brows tinted. Now, I've always had light eyebrows and lashes, so in theory it would be a good thing. The actual process was fine, though a little unnerving to sit in a reclining chair at the back of Superdrug with my eyes closed and having stuff done around them. Then came the reveal.

I really liked my eye lashes, but my brows. Well, all I can say is I looked a little Angry Birdish. Seriously, I had ferocious dark brows, even though the lady said they were medium brown. So, I thank her, toodle off and I'm sure people back away when I strolled by with my dark scowl. Then what was worse, we went to the cinema and one of the people who works there and who we like and talk to was working the desk. We hadn't seen him for a while so stopped for a chat, but as James was in his wheelchair the man had to direct his attention to both of us on different levels, so his attention was solely on me when he looked up, and I'm sure he was thinking, wtf?!

Thankfully a bath as soon as I got home and much washing with some head and shoulders has toned down the shade and I think they look okay now. I suspect that a combo of never having dark defined brows before and some of the dye being left behind on my skin led to the angry bird look. But even so, first and last time I think!

That same cinema visit we'd gone to the gallery. I pushed James to a table and left him there to go get some pop and popcorn out of the cooler/heater, and noticed that the gallery staff person on duty was hovering close by and only stepped close when I got back, and then asked if we wanted nachos. Sadly the 'do they take sugar' mindset is still there it seems.

It's been interesting seeing the stats due to posting three different stories at once. Musketeers has taken the lead hugely in terms of hits and has okay kudos, though proportionally against hits not that good. Popslash has a terrible hit rate, but of those who have read, nearly half have left kudos or comments. While bandom is set in the middle, with the least comments. Though themoononastick's prediction that every comment I'd get would be a demand for a sequel seems to be coming true.

Conclusions to that? I've no idea, but I did enjoy writing them all, and think I'll attempt to actually finish my Musketeers space story I've been poking at for months.


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