Mar. 7th, 2017

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Sunday morning I was Googling wheelchair friendly walks, and ended up link surfing to a disabled cycling club that brings all kinds of adapted bikes to a local sports centre. To make it even better, their monthly meeting was that day. So we went and it was fantastic.

They had all kinds of bikes, different styles of recumbent ones, ones you could put a wheel chair on the front, double bikes, hand bikes, so many kinds, it was amazing. James went on a double recumbent which suited him perfectly for the seat and peddling, but as he couldn't reach the handles to steer he had to go on the double, and he enjoyed himself a lot. Plus, it was fantastic exercise. They did say I could ride too, but I was worried I'd flatten the frames. Which I know is unlikely to happen, but I need time to ease myself into these things. Maybe the meeting next month, which we'll be going to as we've joined the club.

It's BBB time and I joined up. I've had a streak of completing two challenges so hopefully I'll complete this one, too. It's been nice to see some BBB chatter on my flists and I'm looking forward to the resulting stories. Also, the mods are as awesome as always dealing with me being awkward only a day after signings opened. &them;

We went to the Washington Wetlands yesterday. They hire out electric scooters so James had one of those while I walked. It was great to stretch my legs and get a bit sunshine. All seven of the otters were out and it was brilliant to see them running around and having fun in the water.

Plus, this happened. I'd gone to explore the kids playpark, no one was there, and I ended up at the top of the slide and couldn't resist. Kayleigh thinks I'm having a mid life crisis, but I enjoyed it.

Then when we were leaving the wetlands I got a phone call to say mam was being admitted to hospital. The doctor had been out to see her and was really worried, so I ended up going in the ambulance with her, and then sitting for hours while she was waiting to be seen before being taken to a ward. She'll be fine, just they need to get more rehab people involved to get her strength up, but I could have done without more daily hospital visits at the moment.


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