Mar. 21st, 2017

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It's the 25th anniversary of the day I met James today. We've been through a hell of a lot during that time, lots of downs, but also, many many ups. We met at a dodgy nightclub in Sunderland where the carpets were sticky and I had a thing for drinking pints of pink kangaroo. Never would I have guessed back then that we'd still be together so many years later.

Because we met in the stone age we don't have many photos of us together at that time, but this one was taken at James' 18th birthday on the year that we met.

We would have gone out to celebrate, but it's my 6 month check up at the hospital tomorrow, and while I know going out to eat won't make any difference, it's a hard habit to break after all those months of hoops and having to be extra careful. Which also means, yes, tomorrow will probably bring yet another naval gazing post from me. So feel free to ignore at will.

[personal profile] dine has shown she's a star yet again by sending me an Amazon gift voucher as part of the pay kindness forward meme. It was such a lovely surprise and I've enjoyed deciding what to buy. Not that I've made a decision yet, because there's just too many cool things out there. Though I wouldn't be surprised at all if books came into play somehow.

We've got rid of three bin bags of old clothes today. It's good to start de-cluttering a little, and the bedroom looks better without them shoved in the corner.

After realising Riverdale is on Netflix I've started to watch the show. I've only seen one ep so far, but it seems okay. Though I have no personal context at all in terms of what it's based on.

I've burned through all the Musketeer fic from authors I've been enjoying, and after reading all the new stuff on A03 that interested me, I went back to the last page of search results and have started reading the results back over. Sadly that's led to some stories I've really enjoyed, and then realised they were abandoned many years ago. And then last night I was reading something good when my Fire ran out of charge. WOE!


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