Mar. 24th, 2017

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It was a day of two halves yesterday.

The morning was spent at an advice centre getting James' PIP forms filled in. They're a disability benefit he has to change to, going from DLA to PIP, even though not a few months ago he got a letter saying he'd be on DLA for life. PIP is the benefit mam lost so much money, and her car, on, which is why we decided to go for professional help getting the forms filled in from the start.

It was a pretty sober meeting, having to go through in detail everything he can and can't do, which seems a lot when it's all written down. I'm confident he'll get enough points to get the care side of the award, but worry about the mobility as if he loses the car it would be a disaster, especially now he's in his wheelchair every time that he's out.

We're waiting for a letter from his consultant at the hospital to arrive, and then it's just a case of sending them in and hoping for the best, I guess.

But, then on the night we went to see The Full Monty at the Empire theatre and it was fantastic! It was the first stage show I'd been to, and before we went I wasn't sure about the view as we were sitting towards the back of the dress circle, but we could see everything and I really enjoyed myself. It was a little strange at first not to see close up expressions, but I soon forgot that and got caught in the action. I really liked how they used the same set throughout, just changing a few props to show different places, and of course the dancing was funny and really great to see. The last scene was a riot in the theatre, especially when skin and backsides were revealed, ending in that finally full monty. Gary Lucy really seemed to enjoy showing off his arse, including flashing the audience at the end when they'd come on in dressing gowns for the final bows. Not that the audience, which was at least 80% women, were complaining.

We were such noobs at the theatre, we got there far too early, even a few minutes before doors opened, because we weren't sure about parking availability. But that meant we got to go in early, get a good table in the bar and have a nice chat with one of the staff who discussed shows, and times to arrive etc. Plus, we found out if you get there an hour before the show you could buy your drinks for half price, including the ones you could pre order for the interval. So we got drinks for then, and got ones for the interval which were left on ledges on a number, just because we could. I don't think we'd do that again, mainly because there was no issue in taking your own drinks and snacks in from outside, but for the first time it added to the experience.

The only negatives were the people who came to sit behind us in the second half and just wouldn't stop talking. It was about the show, but even so was annoying. They got told to shut up, first by an audience member, then someone from the staff who had to come over and tell them to be quiet and put away their phone.

The guy we were talking to said he was sure he'd see us again, and he will. Both because we've tickets for Hairspray for later in the year, but also because there's a show next week we fancy seeing. We're going to check ticket availability later, and if there's some left, we'll be there.

I was going to wear my red dress last night, but couldn't as the top was far too big. James messed with the straps a bit to pull up the bodice, but when that was done I was left with gaping material at the front and back. I loved that dress, too. I'm going to check out prices to get it altered, but again have the issues at to when. It's pointless doing it when I'm still dropping sizes, especially as I don't know how much it'll cost. I'm going to be god mother to my youngest niece and nephew in July, maybe I'll alter it for then. Until then, the red dress will remain in my wardrobe :(


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