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If anyone ever wants to make podfic of any of my stories you have blanket permission to do so. The exception being any co-writes, in which case you'll have to ask the permission of the other writer.

This masterlist is very out of date. All my stories are now uploaded at A03.
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Yesterday was a lot of little annoyances.

The rain had been relentless all the night before, and as I was seeing James off to work I noticed we had a leak near the front door. I only noticed because the floor was wet at the side where we have the cat scratch mat. Initially I was going to blame a cat, then noticed the drips coming from the ceiling. I was worried it was coming from Corey's bedroom, but after looking outside worked out it was under the flat roof that sticks out for the hallway. Thankfully it stopped and there was no damage apart from some discolouring of a patch of wallpaper where the water was coming in. But seriously, come on now house, stop going wrong all at once.

Yesterday was oven cleaning day. It wasn't especially dirty but I wanted to keep on top of it, especially as it's been getting harder to see through the glass door. So I bought one of those scary kits that come along with warnings to always wear gloves while handling the cleaning fluid and to check the soaking bag in case of leaks. I did that, put the racks in the soaking bags, to you know, soak, squirted the rest of the fluid in the oven and left it for the stated six hours.

In that time I was waiting for someone who wanted to buy something we'd put up on a selling site, but he never turned up.

Hours tick on, I wander in the kitchen and see a pool of something under the washer and think, noooo, not a washer leak again. Then notice it is in fact the soaking bag that's sprung a leak and there's now greasy, youmustweargloveswhiletouchthis fluid down the washer and on the floor. All I can think is one of the racks must have torn the bag somehow as I did make sure to test it was liquid tight.

Without thinking I shove the bag in the sink and start mopping stuff up with kitchen roll without putting on gloves. Thankfully my hands didn't instantly dissolve, but man, they're so dry. I'm using hand cream over and over atm. Yes, it was daft but all I could think was, my washer! My floor!

That dealt with I figured I might as well clean the racks and inside of the oven, and they cleaned up nicely. But while I was in front of the oven I realised you could actually take the glass out of the door and clean it that way. And once I'd done that the glass was beautiful and shiny and I could see inside perfectly. Which suggests I never actually needed a cleaning kit at all. It did take a while to work out how to put the glass back securely, the answer being, you need to use brute force to jam the holder thing back on, and at one point was sat on the floor with the glass out of the door in front of me, damp towels around me, grimy water splashed everywhere and thought, what the hell have I done? But I put it all right and now have a shiny oven and door and all is well.

The boiler also got its service on Thursday which is great, and the guy offered to check all the radiators too. Which was nice of him, and also made me glad I had tidied upstairs the other day as he went in all the rooms up there. Plus, he knocked £10 off the bill for some reason. So, result.

In non-domestic news, I don't know if anyone else watches but I've started to watch Schitt's Creek on Netflix. It's the perfect 20 minute easy watching comedy that doesn't take much brain power to follow. I'm only in the first half of season one so have three and a bit to go, so that's something to look forward to.
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In further Umbrella Academy comment news, I got a comment on my last story saying simply 'delete this immediately' from someone with a totally blank A03 profile. Unsurprisingly, the comment was also deleted. And you know, I'll do just that anon cowardly person, I'll go delete the story right this second, except no. All comments like that make me want to do is write even more dirty wrong incest porn.

I got my h/c exchange assignment and it's very doable. I've already asked themoononastick to beta, now I just need to write some words.

The stupid storm has done a number on our fence and now we need to get it fixed. The wind has been terrible and now our gate won't shut and the fence is wobbly, and I'm having to use a stone statue to prop it up, which isn't ideal in the slightest. Yet another thing that's going to cost, yet another step away from a summer holiday.

I gave blood yesterday and as it was my seventh donation I could have a hot drink which was of the good as it was so cold. They also had cheese Tuc crackers which remain tasty, and yet I never seem to see them anywhere apart from hospitals. After I'd been there we went to see my MiL who's okay, apart from the fact she can still hardly walk a few steps and my FiL isn't looking after her well. I feel for him as he has his own mobility issues, but he manages to walk to the betting shop twice a day and yet can't make my MiL anything to eat.

We took a bed from my MiLs to my SiLs, then took sacks of household rubbish from there to the tip then off to get some groceries. So a pretty full day, meaning by the time I got home all I had the energy to do was have a bath and then watch tv. Especially so as James is at work today meaning an early wake-up.

I've enjoyed doing that three favourite things about your stories meme. It's led to me reading a lot of my old stuff, and you know, they're okay. Obviously, some of the much older stories were a bit rough in places, but still enjoyable to read. And my style has remained pretty consistent over the years. Plus, it was nice to talk about stories other than the usual big hitters that tend to come up in kudos/hit count memes.
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Two posts in one day, what is this madness!?

I had an excellent visit to Dog and Scone, including having a very enthusiastic face wash via licking from a cute pug and James falling in love with the puppy. Some photos are up at my insta if you'd like to see. We didn't go to Mog in the end but did look through the window and wave at some of our favourites.

But I'm home now and have been reading another AO3 meme in various places so thought I'd give it a go --

I currently have 157 works posted on AO3. Choose a random number—no peeking!—between 1 and 179 inclusive (where 1 is the first work ever posted and 179 is the latest), and I will tell you three things I currently like about that work.

I figured it can't hurt to be reminded what I like about my own stuff.
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I have hot water and heat again \o/

It turns out the igniter thing had warped so the gas wouldn't ignite, so not a terrible horrible expensive problem to fix. I mean, still a chunk of money, especially when you have to pay a call out charge too. But no way as bad as it could have been. The repairman did a temp fix yesterday and will be back on Thursday to give the boiler a service and also fit the new part, so all is well.

Pretty much as soon as he stepped foot out of the door I was filling the bath as my bath on Sunday night was pathetic. Normally I love my big, deep bath. But after boiling the kettle ten times I still only had enough hot water to go half way up my legs. I read all of a page of my book before giving it up as a bad job and just having a wash and getting out. On the plus side, upstairs is looking good as I'd start the kettle boiling, dust while waiting, tip in the hot water set it off to boil again and hoover while waiting, repeat with different jobs ten times.

Then in another non-problem, because the repairman was fitting us in after another job, he said he'd be arriving any time after tea, so I didn't really want to start cooking as no doubt he'd arrive in the middle of doing so. In the end it was gone 7 when he turned up, so we decided to have a takeaway after he'd gone. It's something we do once in a blue moon now, and it was a disappointing experience all around. I mixed up chow mein and chop suey and ended up with a huge carton of dry noodles I had no desire to eat and the chicken was rubbery and in big off-putting chunks. It was such a waste of a takeaway.

Today we're off to the dog cafe at Newcastle, then probably on to the cinema after that as tomorrow I'm giving blood in the morning then helping my SiL move furniture in the afternoon. The dog cafe has a new puppy, so puppy snuggles will be in my future. The dog cafe is also right next door to Mog on the Tyne and we have full loyalty cards that mean a free visit. As of now I've no plans to go there, but who knows what will happen when we look through the window and see the kitties.

Now though, I should go wake up James and tell him I've booked us into Dog and Scone in a few hours.
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Our boiler went off yesterday, so no heating and no hot water for us. Of course, this couldn't happen a few weeks ago when we had the unseasonably warm weather, but now when it's snowing, raining and really cold. Stupid boiler. Someone is coming out tomorrow, so hopefully, it'll be fixed then. Until then we've been to B&M and now have oil-filled heaters dotted around the room and once I've posted this I'm going to go have an epic kettle boiling and then bath filling session. I suspect I'll end up with all of a few inches of water, but I already feel grimy not having a bath last night, two nights will push me over the edge.

Anyway, I've seen this meme around in a few places, so thought I'd give it a go, even though I'm terrible at tagging.

Rules: Go to your AO3 works page, expand all the filters, and answer the following questions!

FANFIC - 157 fics

What’re your first and second most common work ratings?

Not rated -- 83
General audiences --38

More behind here )
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A reverse big bang for Umbrella Academy is getting off the ground here. I think it could be good and wish them luck going forward.

Yesterday Kayleigh got a FB message from someone asking for the wallpaper steamer they'd lent to mam. I mean, seriously, what? Kay replied with something that was restrained in the circumstances, that mam had died last June and we hadn't seen the wallpaper steamer in the weeks we'd had to clear the house. But, who would do that? That person knows mam died and that we had to clear the house, her stupid wallpaper steamer was the last thing on our minds.

Some people are so thoughtless. It's bad enough getting through all the mother's day stuff without this.

The doctor did manage to get blood from James' foot, it took a while and just trickled out but thankfully they only needed one tube. If they ever need a full blood work up I think they'll have to prop him on a bed and leave him for hours. After we went out for breakfast at the coast but as it was such a horrible drizzly cold day we just came home in the afternoon. Though that was a plus as it gave me time to sit and finish joining h/c exchange, which I did. I do suspect I didn't select nearly enough tags about my wants and offers to write. Honestly, I really hope if I ever join this type of challenge again the process will feel easier because I felt like the noobiest noob to ever noob joining this one.

While at the doctor's yesterday I went to see if my new compression stocking had arrived, and they had. I'm wearing the new pair today, and have a feeling the measurements are slightly wrong as they're bunching behind my knees which the last pairs didn't. I'll wear them for a while and see how it goes, but if it gets too irritating I'll have to get back in touch with my lympth nurse.

I need to finish my h/c exchange letter then get ready to go see Captain Marvel. Then maybe a walk later as it looks nice out there today.
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Dear h/c exchange author.

First of all, thank you for writing something for me. Seriously, that means a lot, and I'm sure what you'll come up with will be fantastic.

Second, this is the first time I've ever done a challenge in this format, and suspect I haven't included nearly enough tags. So, if you've looked and are horrified at my lack of wants, please know I enjoy pretty much everything, just, I wasn't sure if I had to list them all.

Honestly, there's little I dislike in terms of h/c, though my favourite tends towards the physical. Injuries and being sick, disasters to mundane things like getting something like measles/strep throat etc. I'm fine with dark themes, including n/c, just no permanent death please, that especially goes for anyone in a parental role, even off-screen. I also like things like characters selling themselves for money or to help others. Being in an abusive relationship -- but in that case, the abuser being an OC please is fine. Dealing with permanent injuries is all good, cages, slavery, hunger, having to do anything to survive, medical experimentation: bring it.

I love people hiding injuries and just powering through without thought to their own wellbeing. While I enjoy the extreme hurt, I also like the comfort part afterwards and love other people seeing that someone is hurt/being hurt but hiding it. For example, sleeves riding up exposing bruises, withdrawing for no reason but trying to hide that.

Emotional h/c is fine, too. Not feeling good enough, feeling abandoned, someone being shown they are actually needed and loved is excellent. As is found family and someone being brought in from the physical and emotional cold.

AUs are fine, mundane or not. So anything from a domestic day to day to slavery in space.

I'm fine with slash or gen. Seriously, I wouldn't care in the slightest if your story contains no sex scenes at all.

DNW. I have an embarrassment squick. I can happily read humiliation in terms of someone being captured and humiliated as part of torture but not within a relationship or in everyday situations.

Please don't make a canon character be mean/evil to get two other characters together. Especially if that canon character is usually in a happy relationship with the other character. It's fine to ignore their relationship, but don't make them abusive just to create another relationship.

In terms of The Musketeers, I dislike the parts of season 3 where Athos, and especially Porthos, were at odds with Aramis. So I'd prefer not to read about that.

Specifics to what I requested.

Umbrella Academy, Musketeers and MCA )

Whatever you decide to write, thank you! H/C is my most favourite thing to read, so I hope this letter has helped and you have as much fun writing as I will reading.
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In a few hours, we're off to the doctor's yet again. James had an appointment on Tuesday as he needed a fit note for work, and then it was mentioned that he needed his annual blood test due to taking blood pressure meds. So, we went back to see the nurse yesterday to have that done, and as usual, it was a bust. Because of the way his arms are it's pretty much impossible to get blood out of him. The nurse tried, she phoned the more senior nurse who laughed and said 'no way' ask the doctor before the nurse we were with even said his name -- we know this senior nurse well as we've both seen her often, and she's well aware of James' blood giving issues and had seen us going into the room. So, we waited and went to see the doctor who managed it last time. Nope, she failed too. As she just squeezed him in yesterday she told James to make an actual appointment this morning and she'd try to get it out of his foot. Which first, ouch! Second, I suspect she'll fail again as he's had so much surgery on his foot that it's pretty much a mess of scar tissue. But we'll see, maybe she'll have some trick up her sleeve.

Tomorrow we have tickets for Captain Marvel, so that's something to look forward to.

I've been writing an umbrella kink meme fill and posted it at Ao3 yesterday. It has a mixture of het and slash -- all in different chapters so no reading something you didn't want to. And still, I got a 'ew straight' comment. Now I imagine the commenter thought they were all edgy stating that straight is ew, but all I can think of is a five-year-old thumping their little chubby fists on a table and going 'ew peas'.

I had a lot of fun writing that fill, and in fact, am having fun writing full stop at the minute. Next should be the h/c exchange story -- well, once I actually finish the sign up as the deadline is today. But until then, who knows?
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A few years ago James got into the habit of entering radio call-in contests when he was on the way to work. Because he was on the road so early not many people took part, so he often won. Nothing exciting, just mugs, but they were excellent mugs. Bright yellow and twice the average mug size which made for excellent coffee drinking in the mornings. Over time some got broken and for a while, I've only had one to use. This morning that one went too. I'd made my coffee, was standing it the kitchen and realised that coffee was actually seeping out of the bottom of the mug, which, the hell? Looking at it later in better light I saw it had a hairline crack all down the side, so is done for. Goodbye awesome yellow mug, you've served me well.

Last week we were in Costco and got bewitched by the tasting tables of doom. We went in to grab some oranges and came out with the oranges, four blocks of tofu, a huge bag of pancake mix, and an extra large thing of squirty vanilla cream and a giant bag of cod nuggets. All delicious, but all will last us forever. Especially the pancake mix. We had some pancakes for dinner and the mix has barely dropped a cm. Plus, I think pancakes are things you have to be in the mood to eat. I can see us still having half of the bag this time next year.

I don't know if anyone else watches, but I was catching up on my recorded eps of Midnight Texas. It was the last few eps of season two. So once they had finished I went online to check out what was happening about season three, and it's been cancelled. So much woe. I'll miss seeing Manfred, he may have been a trashfire but he was pretty and so loyal to his friends.

And finally [personal profile] badfalcon linked to a NKOTB video which I thought was a lot of fun and contains many of the boyband classic moves, including water, swaying and of course many hand movements. Also, Lance. It's behind the cut )
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It's March, which means hi-fives go to those who survived the February they dreaded, and hugs to those who now have to face this month.

I've been tag-teaming being ill with James. He had to take a day off work and didn't even put his leg on that day, then I got the cold again and spent days as a snot monster. Thankfully we both seem healthy now, so fingers crossed he doesn't get the cold off me again.

But things have happened. First, I achieved a h/c bingo challenge \o/ Yes, you heard that right, I actually finished and posted my story in time. It's winterhawk, has a lot of running through trees and punching of faces but more than anything. I got my bingo. Such giddy heights, maybe next time I'll get a full bingo. I can only go up. Or you know, never achieve one again and this is my glory moment *g*

We went to see 'Fighting With My Family' which was actually really enjoyable. Predictable as hell, but still enjoyable. What made me roll my eyes was the couple who turned up 45 minutes after the start of the film, and I mean the start of the actual film, not the trailers/ads. To set the scene, it was an early afternoon showing so the screen wasn't full in the slightest. I was sitting next to James in the middle front row behind the low wall, then there were three empty seats and then a couple on the aisle. As the film had been on so long I'd spread my stuff out on the empty seat next to me, then this couple came in. Instead of going to any of the completely empty rows behind they inched their way between the wall and me and James. They must have picked seats next to me as the man stood watching as I tried to gather up my stuff until the woman told him to sit on her other side. Then they both sat and ate pasta salads. Which, come on people. Odeon are great letting you take in your own snacks and drinks anyway, but that doesn't include full meals. Then they sat talking every now and then and kissing.

The weather was beautiful during the week so we went for a walk at the Wetlands, well I walked, James used their electric scooter. Not that many birds were around, but the flamingos and otters were in good form.

We went to see the Circus of Horrors at the theatre. I'll cut for details as some are pretty gruesome cut )

Yesterday we got tickets to see The Book of Mormon in the autumn. I was on the mailing list so could get advance tickets, but obviously, lots of people had the same option as despite getting tickets only a few hours after release we're still halfway back in the stalls. Centre aisle seats though, so they're still good. Plus, I've heard it's a great show so I'm looking forward to it.

And ha, I started writing this earlier and had jinxed the situation as when he got to work James was sent straight home. Thankfully he can join this set of sickness to the last so it's only classed as one. But man, when will it end?! If he infects me again I may have to kill him. Just saying.
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[personal profile] eglantiere is a star and has helped me with the h/c exchange sign-up process -- in which I mean she broke it down into little words which I could understand, so now I'm good to go. I've been nominating and will sign-up and then no doubt be on here wailing, what have I done!? When the assignments go out. Such is my challenge experience, it always happens that way, and then I always end up happy in the end.

Which brings me nicely to the h/c bingo mini challenge. I was happily content with myself and my progress when I realised that Feb was a short month and I didn't actually have nearly a week to finish up and get the thing beta read. I still have plenty of time to finish writing as it's nearly done but getting it beta read will be an issue as my usual beta will be busy at work.

It was my lymphedema appointment today. My plan was to get a taxi there, and as James was finishing work early, wait for him after and get a lift back. But when I phoned to book a taxi they had none, unless I wanted taking at 12 when my appointment wasn't until 2. So, I took the bus to the town, had a wander around the shops and had a coffee, then got a taxi the rest of the way from there. Then when I got there the lympth nurse said the hospice would have sent free transport for me if I'd asked, with a free journey there and back. Oh well, something to know for next time.

Not much to say about the appointment. Just a tiny loss of fluid in one leg and increase in the other. Which is to be expected as both compression garments are far too big now so don't actually give compression. But, he's put in a script for new ones and they should be here in a fortnight as they need to be specially made to measure. Then back again in three months.
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I'm seriously thinking of signing up for [community profile] hurtcomfortex But I need to study how to take part a bit more first. I've never taken part in exchanges like yuletide where you nominate etc, so it all seems a little intimidating atm.

Yesterday I wrote Umbrella Academy fic, posted it at AO3 and got over 100 kudos overnight. Talk about an exploding fandom. I also got a gentle comment reprimand that I hadn't tagged appropriately, which was completely justified and I immediately changed things and all was well. It's one thing I need to change in terms of writing now I'm moving into new fandoms. In bandom, I hardly tag at all and that has to change, especially with things like incest. But yeah, it was fun just writing after getting an idea and then posting. I did consider getting it beta read, but it was short and I self-edited a few times, so for this time didn't. Though it's not something I really like doing, so for anything longer I'll be bothering my beta.

Though looking at the UA fics today I saw someone who used the tags to say people who wrote incest were weird and gross. I have no problem with people disliking incest fic, but there's a time and place to state your opinions and that's not in tags.

Other than that, while James has been out with our nephew I've tidied the garden a little, dried two washes on the line and read lots, caught up on some comments and have written more of my h/c bingo mini challenge. I may even finish it in time. Imagine that, winning an actual challenge. Madness!

My freebie of the NME UA/Black Parade mag came today as posted here. It's a cool little thing, well worth applying for if you can.
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No tags writers were revealed so I can say that I wrote On Brooding Wings which is Frank/Mikey where Frank is a vegetarian vampire who's afraid to admit what he is and in the process makes himself sick. I have to admit, I really like how this turned out. Writing Frank/Mikey roomie days just feels so comfortable to me, and working out how to add a vampire to the mix was fun. Though I did end up debating warnings with themoononastick due to mentions of vomiting and an alluded to eating disorder.

It turns out [personal profile] shadowhive wrote for my prompt, which made me laugh as he's pretty much kept me in fic lately, which is pretty awesome. The story is also Frank/Mikey, with a very excellent Ray involved, and can be read here. I do recommend it.

In fact, I recommend the whole collection. I've just read all the stories today and there's not a bad one there. So a big thumbs up to everyone involved with the challenge.

In other news, our staycation came to a premature end as James came down with a cold, so our planned trip to Whitby today didn't happen, and tomorrow he's taking our nephew to the cinema. But, it's been a good week and we've done fun stuff so I can't be sad it's over. Plus, the weather is lovely so tomorrow while he's out I'm going to go start tidying the garden and wash down the greenhouse.

Also, my MiL came home yesterday. Whether she's ready I'm not 100% sure because after we picked her up and drove her home it took half an hour for her to get from the car into the house, which was a distance of all a few feet. But as it included two steps and her walker and wheelchair are wide ones that wouldn't fit down the passage/doors it took time and lots of rests. But, she is home, has adaptation put into place that should help, and hopefully will be much more comfortable regaining her strength in her own surroundings.
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Thank you to [personal profile] romantical for the birthday card, you're the best. And thank you to everyone who posted birthday wishes/emails after my last post. I still need to reply to everything, but they were all appreciated loads ♥

Life has been busy, on my actual birthday we met Corey in Newcastle for dinner, then went to see WarHorse at the theatre, and staging and production wise it was stunning. But somehow I didn't actually like it. I'm sitting here trying to find the words to explain why it didn't work for me, but can't. It was just one of those things where something fell flat.

We've been to Mog on the Tyne, which I enjoyed but as it's half term atm the cafe was packed to capacity so we didn't have the usual relaxing visit. We were going to go to Dog and Scone but have decided to wait until next week as that was packed when we walked past, too.

I've been to dinner with the sibs, James and Kay's new girlfriend. She remains lovely and fitted in with us beautifully.

I finished watching Umbrella Academy last night, and man, that last ep was something else. I loved it loads, and will probably have more thoughts at a later point. But briefly, yeah, I loved it, but not everything.

Fresia was at the vet's yesterday. Her ear has healed but we got a breakdown for the costs of her tooth op and it's over £600 so goodbye summer holiday, it was nice thinking about you.

James had bought me clothes for the rest of his presents. cut as I talk about body stuff )

Still haven't read any no tags or added more to my h/c bingo mini-challenge, which is a shame as it was going nicely. Maybe tonight I'll do both as I'm heading out for the morning soon, and then off to the hospital to see my MiL.

I've posted some photos of the last few days on my Insta if anyone is interested.

And with that quick catchup, I must get ready to go out.
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While I don't think she'll see it, happy birthday to my birthday twin [profile] doctor_jasely you're a a miss around these parts. And a happy birthday to a flist person's baby who turns one today. ♥ to them both.

[personal profile] turlough sent me the most adorable knitted owl and thank you to [personal profile] shadowhive for not only sending me a birthday card, which came today so perfectly on time, but wrote me the most incredible Mikey/Ryan story. They'll forever be my little rare pair that could, so to get that was such a lovely surpise and gift.

And thank you to the people who sent emails/messages and understanding how hard today will be ♥

James bought me cat shoes! You can see them, and the owl, behind here )

I love them so much and can't believe that I'm wearing something that's so cute but also has heels, chunky ones sure, but still, heels. When they arrived I was also sent a 30% off my next buy from the shop, and I'm tempted by these puppy versions. They also have red or crushed velvet versions of the cat ones I have or black with a pink cat face. But I'm thinking the puppies would be a good buy with my birthday money.

I haven't opened James' other gifts yet as he's still in bed, but soon. This afternoon we're meeting up with Corey in Newcastle, then War Horse tonight. Hopefully, it won't be too sad, or if it is I'll have already got my tears out of my system.

Other things. A kink meme for Umbrella Academy is running here.

And the no tags stories have been revealed. I haven't read any yet but will asap.
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I'm up to episode 5 of Umbrella Academy and am still enjoying it loads. If you're also watching, or want to, or just interested there's a new comm [community profile] theumbrellaacademy which looks pretty great.

I had an excellent time at my aunt's, including having a birthday cake where I got sang to and needed to blow out candles. I can't remember the last time I got to blow out candles, so that was fun. Two of my cousins were there and I was talking about my lymph appointment next week and due to location how I'd have to taxi to get there again, and my oldest cousin said she would drive me. I said thanks but no, because she lives half an hours drive away without adding on time to drive to the appointment, but it's good to know she made the offer and is there as an option in an emergency.

My aunt put on a birthday tea and as always we came home with leftovers, meaning no cooking last night, so, score for that.

I was supposed to be doing the tip run today and then going to visit my MiL but the cold that's been lurking for a while reared up a bit, and while I'm not actually ill as such I didn't think it was a good idea going to the hospital. I would have still helped at the tip but James got my BiL to go with him and help, so I've been able to stay home, potter, stay warm and alternate tea, lemsips and putting vaseline around my sore nose. James meanwhile has gone on a solo shopping trip before visiting starts, phoning up to ask my dress size, so goodness knows what he comes home with.

So now I'm going to read my flist, drink more tea, wait for no tags stories to be revealed, and then later, more UA. As Sundays go, it's a pretty good one.
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I'm heading off to my aunt's in about an hour, which suggests I should make an effort to get ready very soon.

Tomorrow we're doing a tip run for my SiL and PiLs, and will hopefully manage to get some of our old stuff out of the house too. Monday we're off to see Warhorse at the theatre, nothing yet on Tuesday but Wednesday is sibs dinner and catch up and taking Freesia back to the vet.

James has a week off from today as we'd planned to try and get away somewhere for a mini-break, but with vet and electrician bills I doubt that will happen now. But, I think either a visit to Mog on the Tyne or the dog cafe will happen sometime during the week, and no doubt many cinema visits.

Some quick good things. No tags has been uploaded and has an actual title, which is always a relief, and I'm looking forward to seeing the other stories. And last night I started to watch Umbrella Academy and am enjoying it lots.

Flist catch up later as I must get ready, I need to be leaving in 40 mins and am still sitting in my pjs.
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Happy Valentine's day, or belated galentine's day, or Thursday, take your pick.

The first thing I saw when I looked at Insta this morning was Mikey's photo of him and Gerard at the Umbrella Academy screening. Such a good way to start the day.

Other things, no tags is done and at beta, so that's another thing crossed off the list.

Yesterday the electrician came and checked the wires and sockets. I don't think I said but I had another socket burn out since the one behind the washer. He changed the socket and thinks the issue is I've been using the same socket to run both the washer and dishwasher at the same time. The wires themselves are designed to cope with that, but the extension sockets I'd been using weren't, which led to them burning out. Problem is, I only have the one socket behind the washer and nothing where the dishwasher is. At some point we intend redoing the kitchen and moving the fuse box, and when that happens we'll get more sockets installed, until then, it's either an extension for the dishwasher or making sure they're never on at the same time.

We've been to see my MiL at the hospital earlier, where she was crying because the doctor wants to send her home and she feels she's not ready to go home. James had a talk to the nurses who say they won't discharge her until the physio has practised getting up a step with her, but even so, I'm fully expecting a phone call tomorrow to say she's been discharged.

It's been a lovely sunny day, and I've managed to dry a wash on the line, but now I need to go and attempt to wash egg off my bedroom window as some idiots thought it would be fun to throw eggs at the house. If I can't reach I'll have to attempt to blast it with the hosepipe, because it looks horrible right now.
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No tags claim is done and done!

As always I worried that somehow I'd manage to claim un-anon, but I didn't and I have an excellent prompt. And what a lovely selection of prompts to choose from. So many Frank/Mikey choices.

I hope everyone else taking part got a prompt they love.

My h/c bingo mini challenge winterhawk is coming along nicely, too. But that'll be put aside for a week to get no tags done.

In conclusion. Writing \o/
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