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We went to see Cirque Du Soleil Varekai on Wednesday night, and it was so good!

I enjoyed every moment. The costumes and acts were amazing, and the skill those men and women showed was just, wow! You could use cameras, but only phone/small ones without a flash, so low lighting combined with them all moving so fast, means our pictures were little much than blurs of colour. But, I've some professional photos taken of the show to show what we saw.


This was my favourite act of the night. They were amazing! Throwing themselves off the swings, flipping through the air, criss crossing past each other, landing in those sails behind the landing zone, and on the other swings. The whole thing was breath taking.


This is the guy the story was based on. He looses his wings, and the show was about him trying to accept his new place and wingless state. His act astounded me. The skill and bravery to do those twists and turns without any wires, just trusting his own body and skills. Again. Wow.

I wish I could have photos of every act as each one deserves so much praise. At all times there was something going on, not just the main acts, but creatures/people climbing up and down poles in the background, popping up from holes in the stage and running up a platform that was way up near the arena roof. It's the kind of show you'd have to see multiple times to see everything, and I'd go back in an instant.

Also, another thing crossed off my fear list, I sat in the middle of the row and my fat arse and thighs didn't spread to the next seat annoying a stranger. We had brilliant seats too. We were in the easy assess row for people with mobility issues, and it was directly behind the wheelchair spots. Because the wheelchair users and their carers get more room, I had a big gap in front of me which gave me an uninterrupted view of the stage, so win.

We parked at the arena beforehand, and then as we were early decided to walk up to Newcastle to get some food. The nearest place was about a ten minute walk, all uphill, and poor James had the stuffing knocked out of him. He actually slept well over 12 hours solid that night. Next time we go we'll just get food actually in the arena. I mean, it wasn't exactly premier stuff, but wasn't that much more expensive. And yes, we are planning to go back, but first, we're getting tickets to go see Hairspray at the theatre first. The show isn't on until later in the year, but I think it'll be fun.

This week we also went for the first walk of the year at Herrington Country park. Well, I walked, James was pushed. It felt good to get out into the sunshine, though I did get horribly muddy. The ground is saturated there and some of the paths had crumbled a little over winter, so sometimes pushing wasn't as easy as it could have been, but I managed it, and felt strong all the way around. The only issue was I had to stop and have a diy fixing job done on my trousers as they kept falling down. James had to cut off a piece of his bootlace and I put two holes in the waistband of my trousers and pulled it tighter with the lace. And really, I need to stop buying dresses and get some new trousers already.

ETA: The post was delivered, included were letters for me and Corey. Mine included a cheque from a refund on my dad's estate. So Corey's will have the same. It's only a small amount, and I know the timing is a total coincidence, but even so, all I can think is, thanks dad.
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i saw varekai with my family probably 10 or 11 years ago at this point? it's still one of my favorite memories! i was totally enraptured. i'm so glad you had a good time!

i feel like there are 200000 possibilities for a bandom fic about learning to live in a world without wings/a kind of quasi-icarus retelling (reverse wingfic? idk), but i don't know what it they are yet.
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The show sounds fantastic!

And, aw, for a token from your dad at this day. Sometimes it's nice when things work out that way.
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That sounds and looks like it was a GREAT show. I'm glad you guys had such fun.

Happy birthday <3
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Yay, glad you had a good time!
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It sounds like a truly astounding show! And congratulations to reaching another goal!

I know what you mean, trousers - and skirts for me - are so boring. It's much more fun to buy pretty dresses!

Even when a coincidence it's still a really nice thing to have happening on your birthday.