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Yesterday I went to Mog on the Tyne again. I love that place so much, and really enjoy time chilling with the cats. We booked the first slot of the day and for the first half hour we were the only people there, so had undivided cat time. After that we had a wander around the main centre of Newcastle and had dinner at Smash Burger, which was very nice, and not a bad price for the meal deal -- something I always take into account because I still leave lots.

Before going we knew a dog cafe was going to open close to Mog, but getting there it seems it's actually right next door. Talking to staff they're not so happy about that, worried about barking disturbing the cats. Plus, worried about trade too, because I imagine it'll take some of their custom. I can see their points, but have to admit, once it opens I'm sure we'll be checking it out.

Today we booked theatre tickets. First to go and see Grease next week. The seats for that aren't that good as the show is so soon, but also tickets for Wicked. We've been thinking about getting those for a while, but the show isn't on until September next year and it felt really weird buying something so far in advance. But we asked about availability and they had great middle aisle stall seats about half way back, and for not a bad price for such a big production. So we got them. It'll be the first big staging I'll have seen, but people seem to like it, so fingers crossed we will too.

After that we walked -- and in James' case, got pushed -- into Sunderland town centre. We only intended to browse the shops, but somehow I walked into Yours and came out with a camouflage jacket. One minute I was looking at stuff, the next I'd seen this jacket and on a whim decided to try it on. Getting it off the hanger the material had no give, and I was sure it would be too small, but I tried it on, looked in the mirror and the assistant close-by said, that looks fantastic on you, but it's far too big. It turns out I needed a 22, which, the hell? How did that even happen?

I know I said no more buying clothes, but this is going to be perfect for the spring, it's lightweight and comfortable and should last for a good few months yet. Also, that assistant was amazing. We were talking and she was telling me how she'd lost loads of weight herself -- and still had a lot to go -- so totally understood about the body issues that come with dropping weight.

So yeah, a spendy morning, but I walked past Lush at least, I had some control. Just not a lot /o\

Tomorrow it's Guardians Day! And yes, it actually is tomorrow, my dates are right this time. It's also my FiLs birthday, so it's movie time at 12:30, then off to the in-laws.
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Hooray for cats! I don't know why a dog café would take away a cat café's business - dog people and cat people are usually pretty decided on where they are on that scale? Haha! I mean, dogs are okay, but if I had to choose, I would always pick a cat café.

That sounds like a great shopping experience! :D Yay for that, too!

Enjoy Guardians! I hope to get to see it soon too, but I don't know if that'll happen or not. If not, I'll get the DVD.
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happy kitty cuddling time! I should probably try to visit Portland's cat cafe (it's not too far from work) but the parking situation isn't great and I can't always walk long distances.

congrats on finding a neat jacket, and purchasing theatre tickets - hope you have a blast at both productions!
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I hope you have a fantastic time at the shows! And the jacket sounds great. Post a picture if you feel like it?
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Chilling with kitties is an excellent way to spend your time!

I knew it! You're going to become as addicted to theater as you are to movies :-D

But when you said no more buying clothes you really meant no more dresses, right? This is completely different! Buying a jacket is a practical necessity, nothing frivolous about it at all ;-)
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I do love the idea of a cat café. Norwich has about a thousand places to obtain sustenance, but not that. :-( And I can't really get a cat until our building work is finished, it wouldn't be fair.

It's *so* nice to find you look good in something, isn't it! You'll have to bring all these fabulous new togs to Camp.
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[personal profile] tara 2017-05-01 12:29 pm (UTC)(link)
22! Go you! It's so visible from your recent photos, too :)

I can't imagine you not enjoying Wicked. There are some great songs and visually it's gorgeous. The costumes are one of my favourite parts.

A dog cafe sounds wonderful, but it just seems mean to open it next door :(
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Oh wow, she has a great memory! I know our accents probably stood out, but it was clever of her to remember we were together :)
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YAY cats and theater tickets!!