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It's another sunny warm day today. It's so nice to be outside in the sunshine, and I hope it stays this time. I was in the greenhouse earlier and had to throw out a load of seedlings that had been killed by the returning cold weather of last week. But, I saved quite a few and have planted more, so hopefully will catch up again.

James finally has an appointment with the back specialist, but it's for the 1st of next month, which is our wedding anniversary. We've booked to stay overnight at Lumley Castle, but in an ordinary room this time, and wondered if he should rearrange the appointment, but decided to go in the end. Lumley Castle is very local to us, and while we'll be going later than we'd planned, better that than having to wait even longer for another appointment.

We had such a great day at Beamish yesterday. It was warm but not too hot, sunny all day, and not too crowded so it was easy to get on the trams and buses and look at everything we wanted to. Behind the cut are some photos, included one James has been keen to get for a while. It's where you dress up in period costume and then get a photo taken, fun, but I always had the fear they'd have nothing to fit me. But they did, so photo behind the
Do you think we look dashing? Wearing that costume made me feel sorry for the ladies in those days, the dress was so heavy, and that without the underclothes they had to wear, as for delicate lace gloves and that hat. Too much faff for me.


Looking down to the shopping street. Trams and buses travel around the site all day. On that side of the street there's a dentist, printers, pub, sweet shop, bank and freemasons hall, all of which you can go in.


The bandstand in the park.


This was the bathroom of the dentist. Apparently they were rather rich in those times, and therefore had indoor plumbing. Though after being to the dentist so much myself recently, I cringed at the thought of foot propelled drills and having to pay extra money for laughing gas, a price most people couldn't afford.


Bear the horse. They use horses and traps/wagons to transport some things around the site. Though I did see a white transit van hidden behind a wall at one time.


The stained glass in the free masons hall.


And the hall itself looking down from the gallery.


This cat lives in one of the miner's cottages. She's usually asleep in front of the range, but yesterday was snoozing in the sun.


One of the school rooms. The desks are tiny!


Do you think I make a convincing stern teacher?


One of the pit ponies.


And for [personal profile] frausorge who asked to see, my new jacket.


Date: 2017-05-05 07:28 pm (UTC)
pensnest: Pen with Lorne (from Angel the Series) (Being Green)
From: [personal profile] pensnest
That first pic is especially awesome—you definitely have the 'period' attitude!


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