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No lie, Gerard's insta post about Mikey, Kristin and their new daughter made my heart happy. So lovely.

I've had a very productive day today. I decided to give the kitchen a good clean and move some things around, so now it looks shiny and sparkly with more counter space. I think tomorrow I'll get stuck into the cupboards and get rid of some of the stuff we don't need or use. And because I polished all over too, the whole house smells nice. Shame it never stays that way.

Since I last posted we've been to a funeral. Thankfully not to someone personally known to me, it was the mam of a friend of James', so we went along to give our respects. Then after that went to the Botanical Gardens on the outskirts of Durham. They were small, but very lovely. Plus, we got to eat outside for the first time this year when we had our dinner there.

I bought leggings, don't worry though, only to wear under dresses and they're the thick kind. You may remember the battle I've been having with getting trousers to fit. The lymphodemia makes it so difficult, and when I get a shorter leg length they tend to hitch up due to my lower legs being so big, and I don't like that. That's also why I never bought leggings in the past as they're so clingy, but I was sick of having my trousers trail on the floor -- I know, I could hem them, but, effort -- and the leggings are perfect really. They don't ride up, and they're comfortable. Plus, they're cheap, two pairs for £16, so the changing size issues isn't that bad. It took me a while to actually get the nerve to wear them with them being clingy, but I have twice now and no one's pointed and laughed, so, a win I say.

James is on antibiotics and needed a tetanus booster as he was bitten by Tinker. It was a total accident, he had his leg off, turned, and kneeled full weight on her foot, and she bit his thigh in response. Because it was a cat bite it was recommended he see the doctor, and she prescribed the antibiotics and booster. Tinker's fine, btw, and so's James, just being careful really.

He also finally got his appointment for the face to face meeting to change from DLA to PIP. That's brought him down a bit. I mean, everything says he shouldn't lose his benefits. We've got great letters from all his medical support people stating his disability, mobility issues and the care I have to give him. But there's always the worry it won't be enough.

I've been reading more bandom bingo stories, and included was a van days Ray/Mikey. It felt like slipping back in time in the best way.

I've also been looking through my old photobucket account and still think this shoot MCR did was amazing. The silver pants will never get old.

We went to see A Dog's Purpose. It's not a spoiler to say I knew it would make me cry, as the preview is all about how a dog's purpose is to serve, love etc and that includes death and being reborn into another dog. But I didn't think you'd see four different dogs die. I mean, it was the same dog being reborn each time, but even so, four dog deaths. I was no good by the end. And the happy ending made me cry, too. Stupid film.

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Oh God, dog movies. I simply cannot with dog movies. Even the ones that aren't that sad are still pretty damn sad. And this one -- they couldn't even keep the sadness out of a ninety second trailer! I knew it was bad news. I KNEW IT.


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