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This post with Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray being pictured together has made me happy this morning. The Electric Century tumblr also has more photos, and I remain amused that in many of them, Mikey has his eyes closed. Never change MWay.

In other news. There is none yet. But tonight is Eurovision. Bring on the weird and wonderful and no doubt songs full of drama and angst.

ETA: I've been reading more bandom bingo stories, and the week two post has been my favourite round up so far.
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I sort of on purpose forgot about Eurovision this year - we're not even in the final. (Again...) Haha!
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At least the UK entry was away from the bottom this time.
Congratulations! That's what we tend to aim for too when we get to the finals. [g]
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I love that pic where Frank and Ray are hugging! But seriously Gerard, long hair with a side parting is SO not your style!

I hope you're enjoying the Eurovision.
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I told Evan that MCR all met up at Frank's show and We Have Pictures. He said "Bob too?"

Me: "No, dammit. I'm just gonna have to let that one go."