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It was horrible waking up to news of the Manchester bombing. My heart aches for everyone involved.

Yesterday it was James' DLA to PIP assessment. We think it went okay, but then again, we thought mam's went okay and she lost her car and most of her disability benefits. We've been researching what would be asked, the things you get assigned points on, and discovered that if he'd changed last year James would have lost the car for sure as his mobility was much better. As he's in his wheelchair so much now he should get maximum points -- oh man, please let him get maximum points. It's hard and frustrating and I know they need to assess people but the whole situation isn't easy, and having to sit there and explain in detail all the things he can't do wasn't fun. And now we get to wait between 4-6 weeks for the decision.

But, there's been good times too. It's lovely and sunny today so I've been in the garden potting and weeding, and my hands and nails are now hacky to show that fact. Over the last week we've been to see three films, and James fell asleep in every one. The new Aliens I liked, but he missed the second half. King Arthur I really enjoyed a lot, and hello Charlie Hunnam and Aidan Gillen on screen together again. James missed the middle bit of that. Then yesterday we went to see Snatched, and the less said about that the better. I wished I'd fallen asleep too.
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I'm crossing my fingers that all goes well with James' assessment!
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Waiting is the worst!! I'm keeping everything crossed!!

It's been quite sunny here too. So nice when the weather allows you to be outdoors as long as you want to!

I will never stop giggling at James' ability to fall asleep during movies :-)
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Fingers crossed for James!
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Such sad news from Manchester. I really feel for the families left behind.

Fingers crossed for James' assessment!

I love James and his cinema napping habit, ahahahaha!!!
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*fingers crossed* that all goes well with James' assessment - the process is so messed up, and I'm sorry that you have to go through it ;(
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Hoping for the best for the assessment!

Yay for gardens.