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We went to see Dirty Dancing at the theatre on Tuesday, and I enjoyed it lots. It was our best seats yet, four rows from the front of the dress circle, and the whole thing just had this lovely and upbeat atmosphere, especially for the final 'time of your life' scene where many people in the audience stood and had a little boogie. The guy playing Johnny wasn't the best, not bad, but not great either, but the actress playing Baby was a load of fun.

That day was a good one in general as on the afternoon we'd gone to see Transformers, which wasn't a stand-out as such, but included the lovely Santiago Cabrera in a featured role. In between we had dinner at a small local restaurant, and it was just a really good day.

Other things. Corey had a flying overnight visit home. He did get to see an emergency dentist at Newcastle eventually, and it turns out one of his wisdom teeth is impacted. But, they couldn't refer him so he needed to come see his own dentist, who then refer him back to the same dental hospital he'd been to for an extraction. Taking him back home we stopped off at Asda for groceries for him, bill paid by the bank of mam and dad, and also took a small drinks fridge mam had bought herself but was too big for her house. We helped take all the stuff back into his house, and I swear, I've never seen as many pizza boxes waiting to be recycled as I did in their shared kitchen.

James got sent home from work one day when his neck and shoulders totally seized up. He's okay now, but was pretty out of it for a couple of days. He actually got word about the scan he needs for his back, but while the hospital had referred him to another hospital to do the scan, they'd done so to one that didn't have an open scanner, which he has to use as he can't lie in the closed in kind due to his arm placement. So, after a month of waiting he's waiting again.

Mam hit the point where she hated using oxygen, didn't want anything to do with, was going to get in touch with her doctor and demand something else was done. Understandable as I'd hate to be tied to oxygen tubes for 16 hours a day, but hopefully seems to be coming out of the other side. Unfortunately she hit that point at the same time she'd had a falling out with Kayleigh, so I got to deal alone. They're back on track now, and hopefully will stay that way for a while. Especially so as yesterday mam was told she'd have to pay for her carers from now on. So she's getting rid of them as the amount she'd have to pay is more than she's just got back winning her PIP case. Really, it's the right decision anyway as she still refuses to actually ask the carers to do anything for her, so she'd be paying over £100 for someone to talk to her a few times a day which is ridiculous.

It's been raining constantly for days now, that fine mizzle stuff that soaks you through. It's doing great stuff for the garden, though. The garden is looking so pretty atm, and full of birds. A sparrow nest has just fledged and the mam sparrow is often feeding the fledglings the seed I put out daily. They're so cute, four fat fluffy sparrows bumbling around on the patio.

From one of [livejournal.com profile] egelantier's book recommendation posts I'm reading the Clean Sweep series by Ilona Andrews. I've read other series from Ilona but somehow missed this one, but I'm enjoying it a lot. A said it's like kitchen sink sci-fi and I agree with that description. Werewolves, inn keepers, paranormal beings and an inn that's just amazing and a character in itself. It makes me very happy I still have two other books to go.

And talking about sci fi. Killjoys is back soon! It's showing here on Tuesday and up to now I'm waiting for then. But I may cave and download yet.
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