Mar. 12th, 2017

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I'm sure everyone that wants to will have read it already, but I'll be taking my bandom picfor1000 story down very soon due to reworking and extending reasons. If it wasn't for mam being admitted to hospital it would have been down already, but as I've been busy, today it is.

Mam is doing okay, better than I expected tbh. Really, I think it's been a relief to her that the doctors are working together to sort out her various issues. It also helps she's got a side room, so has her own toilet and can sleep without being disturbed by other patients. She still needs to see various departments before they're willing to let her come home, so it's probably going to be the end of the week. Though she is starting to get bored as buying tv is ridiculously expensive -- you get three hours of five channels free in the mornings, but of course that's when all the doctors etc rounds are happening -- and the hospital doesn't have WIFI.

I forgot to say, we saw Logan, and then last week went to see Kong Skull Island, which was entertaining enough in a Kong-like way. We actually went to a different branch of Odeon that time. It's a much smaller place, only six screens, but much newer than Metrocentre. I liked it, but for some reason James wasn't keen. Though the maze like car-park didn't help, we drove around the whole park three times before we worked out how to actually get to the cinema. Then I had to laugh going inside, as one of the first people we saw was one of the former Metrocentre staff that we talked to. So much for expecting to know no one there.

Rather randomly, our oven door shattered. I was cooking tea, there was a big cracking sound, I went into the kitchen and the door glass was all crazed pieces. The oven was old, getting onto 20, so it's had a good life, but even so I could have done without the expense of buying a new one. We got one yesterday and my brother is going to fit it sometime today.

We went to Durham for a few hours last week, and I'd forgotten how wheelchair unfriendly the place is. The combination of cobbles and lots of steep banks is a killer. At one point a lovely man came over and asked if I needed help to get James up the last part of a hill we were struggling up. If we'd have been further down I'd have considered it, but as we were approaching the top I just thanked him and kept going.

Finally, I meant to do this in my last post but forgot. Thank you to [personal profile] pensnest for the card and verse inside. It really made me smile when it arrived, even more so for being so unexpected. You're a star.


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