Mar. 26th, 2017

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As Mother's Days go, today has been a nice one. We went to see mam, and she liked her presents, then to see the MiL, and she liked her gifts too. Then off to visit Corey and he'd bought me some beautiful flowers and card. As always on Mother's Day I wanted a photo, and got one even though he'd pretty much just rolled out of bed. Not that I care, he wore that dressing gown to death when he was at home, and seeing the kidlet in that thing with bed hair will always make me smile.

As it was a gorgeous sunny day, we went to the quayside after, and had a look around the food market. A lot of the stalls were already closing up, but we had a good mooch around and admired the river and just enjoyed the sun for a while. Then it was back home and a quick tidy up.

To end the day I've just had a good read in a hot bath and now we'll be getting back to our Walking Dead marathon. Somehow we'd ended up 9 episodes behind, so have been changing that over the last few nights. Negan remains the character I love to hate, and I keep being surprised every time I see Rick smile. I'd thought he'd forgotten how to do so.


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