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I had such a nice day yesterday.

The morning was spent doing some jobs for mam, and then we took my FiL and MiL to go buy some shoes. MiL picked three pairs in less than five minutes, I was amazed. Then we drove to the coast and they treated us to jacket potatoes for dinner.

Then, once we'd dropped them off it was a lovely day and it was still hours before we needed to go to the theatre, so we decided to drive to a park that I'd heard of in Durham, and that was such a good decision. First, it had an outdoor gym area, and I had so much fun checking out and using the machines. I loved the air runner, and could have kept going on that for ages, and quite liked the arm weight machines too. You were lifting your own body weight -- which is still very significant in my case, and while I could do the pull down machine easy enough, the one where you had to pull the bars back to your chest was so hard. I could barely manage three times, which is weird. I mean, I didn't change weight between the two machines, you'd think I could manage them both the same, but nope.

We walked a bit, and I persuaded James to walk to the lower levels where there was a community garden and a playground that adults could go on. I eyed up the slide, but to get to it you had to climb up this wooden structure, and yeah, not yet. But, I did go on a swing, the first swing I've been on for years.

A quick drink in the cafe, another go on the air runner, and we set off for home and to get ready to watch Grease. Which was fantastic! It was the best show I'd seen yet and despite thinking we'd have bad seats, we could still see and hear everything easily. But sorry guy from the Wanted who was Danny, my eyes were always for the man playing Eugene, who was amazing. Each time he came on stage I couldn't look away from the little dorky superstar who danced like magic and had obvious gymnastic skills.

Today I've had my old cap taken off my tooth and a temporary one put in place, so no more cement tooth. I can't say it was the most pleasant thing I've had done, but it wasn't actually painful, and while I could think of better things to do for an hour on a sunny day, at least it's done now. I'll be getting the actual cap put on in a fortnight, and then hopefully no more dentist for me until check-up time.

After that we visted mam, went grocery shopping and had iced lattes sitting in the sun at Costa where I had a nice long conversation with Corey. He's just been buying his Download tickets and was telling me nearly 30 of his friends have hired a mini bus to get there. Hopefully this year they won't be flooded out again, one year with trench foot was enough.
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