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Okay people, I need to make a rec.

I've had the pleasure of reading along as [livejournal.com profile] kopperblaze wrote Zero Percent.

Often during the writing process I'd tell her it had become one of the stories of my heart. One of those stories that I love beyond measure, and that remains true. Which is why I'm thrilled that it's finally out in the world.

If you love h/c. If you love hooker fic. If you love the Way bros loving each other fiercely always. If you love Frank being sick. If you love dogs. If you love Ryan turning up and stealing your heart. If you love Gerard/Mikey/Frank. If you love people having to deal with terrible things and still come out fighting. This is the story for you.

It's not easy reading at times, but I love it, and hope others do too.
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[Bad username or site: greedy_dancer @ site] has just posted Haircare Tips For Zonerunners It's Frank/Gerard, has amazing Way bro stuff and I loved encouraging and watching it grow in comments. And now, like magic, it's a real story!

Go read, tell her how great it is.

Now, from my last few posts you'd think I'm spending my time going around encouraging people to write Killjoys fic complete with hair pulling. I will not deny this fact! Why should I when it results in such excellent fic?!

Also, I have to note that right now I'm swapping between replying to comments about Ray finger fucking Mikey, Mikey washing Gerard's hair and Mikey/Frank powerglove/gun porn. I suspect a devious plan to kill me off.
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Another story has been posted for the Pete/Mikey happy fic challenge.

Roll Away Your Stone

It's a fascinating, beautiful story, and one I enjoyed reading so much.

Go read and feed ♥
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The first story for Sun Drenched Days and Starlit Nights -- A Pete/Mikey happyfic challenge. has been submitted by [personal profile] sperrywink

Just A Boy Who's Had Too Many Chances

It's all kinds of amazing and I've just finished it and am sitting with the biggest grin. Go read, roll in Mikey and Pete getting their happy ending. Then tell Sperrywink how awesome she is.

So. Much. Love!
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I saw this recced twice yesterday and have just read it this afternoon.

And is there Honey still for Tea? It's a Winnie the Pooh story from [livejournal.com profile] apocabigbang and it's just, wow. Heart-breaking and bleak and it left me misty-eyed often.

The art is beautiful, too.

And now I'm going to grab a quick shower before the Dancing on Ice finale.
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As well as loving Mikey I also love Ryan, and especially love stories where they're friends or together. Sadly there is a sad lack of those stories, which is a tragedy!

[livejournal.com profile] themoononastick Wrote me Mikey and Ryan fic! It's post-apocalypse with a Mikey and Ryan that are so perfectly them. I love it, a lot.

You should go read and feed and I Feel Fine.

Mikey&Ryan 4 eva!
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Last month I wrote Standing on the Grave of Dreams. I got a lovely comment from [livejournal.com profile] kin_you_bi who then followed that up by saying she'd written not!fic about Gerard and Lindsey's first meeting, and would it be okay to post. Of course I said yes because talk about a compliment.

Anyway. I've just came in and read and man. It's exactly how I'd have pictured it. It's my world in her story and I don't have the words to say how much I loved it. I'm pretty much flailing right now.

If you haven't read the main story some elements may not make sense, but even if you haven't, it's a great story about Gerard and Lindsey through Brian's eyes.

So go, read and feed
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I haven't actually started to read the [livejournal.com profile] popoffacork stories yet, but there's one in there that I want to rec anyway. I had the great pleasure to read along with Screw Angels, This Bell's Ringing in Wings for Me as it was being written. It's Mikey/Pete and it's amazing. Long, involved, it'll pull you in and spit you out at the other end regretting the story is over. I won't spoil because it's one of those stories that you need to get lost in, just know that it's worth the time to read.

Also, I have my [livejournal.com profile] picfor1000 picture. I laughed so much when I saw what it was. I've said before how I posted my first official bandom story for this challenge. It was Way centric, because you know, I kinda like them a lot. So, last year I decided I'd keep up tradition and also keep that Way centric, and I did. This year I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] sperrywink about the challenge and was saying how I could write actual waycest this time and maybe I'd get assigned chocolate body paint or something. Instead I got this.

It is a sign!

We're taking all the Christmas stuff down today. We normally do it on the 1st but we all pretty much slobbed out for the day. So today, decorations taken down and put away and the New Year turkey dinner made, just a day late. Which I'm going to do right now. Look at me go.

*hits refresh*
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I have a rec!

Ways and Strays

This was written for my prompt at [livejournal.com profile] bandom_au. I asked for an animal shelter AU, and [livejournal.com profile] chalcopyrite delivered and then some. It's adorable! It's Bob/Frank and also her first story in bandom, so you know, go and give her some love, you won't regret it.

Also, there's a part that I love beyond all reason :D
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Okay, I've finished reading the story and A Little Less Doolittle, A Little More Noah’s Ark is seriously amazing.

I beamed all the way through it, and honestly, it's like a list of things I love in fic in one story.

Go read, feed, tell Arsenic how amazing she is.
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I'm not here. I'm not allowed to be here until I finish my drawn_to story.

But if I was here I'd be telling you that [livejournal.com profile] dancinbutterfly has just posted a story which made me beam with glee. I was lucky enough to get a sneak look and I didn't stop smiling all the way though.

It's very awesome, happy Mikey/Pete, which doesn't end after Summer of Like \o/

So you know, go read Committing to Heart and Hospital Tell her how fantastic it is.

*sneaks away*

Quick rec

Nov. 7th, 2009 03:55 pm
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Good waycest is hard to find, but I read one earlier that I enjoyed a lot.

Before and After

It had my attention from beginning to end and I loved the take on Mikey and Gerard.
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A quick rec before I head off to bed. I've just finished reading [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade's Fair Market Value and I loved it a lot.

Arsenic always tells stories that pull you in and make you care for the people in them, and this is no exception.

Go. Read and feed.
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A while back I wrote a story called 10 Rules For Looking After Mikeyway. Now [livejournal.com profile] xhailtothethief's posted a response piece 10 Rules For Touring With Frank Iero.

I've just read and it made me laugh often. So go, read and feed.
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I've just read Bleeds Like a Boy by [livejournal.com profile] strangecreature and had to come rec it.

It's a story about Mikey being trans gendered and going in I wasn't sure because gender change stories aren't my thing at all. But it wasn't the usual always a girl story. In fact it wasn't a thing like that. It was about a subject being respectfully written, clever use of canon events and MCR shown as a group of people who love Mikey deeply, no matter his gender.

It's not really a story about pairings, but there is Mikey/Pete and slight Mikey/Ray. Even if normally the subject or pairings make you back off going, oh hell no, I say give it a try.
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For the last....forever [livejournal.com profile] sperrywink has been teasing me about her Dream AR story. Finally she's posted it, and man, I am beaming right now!

It's Mikey/Frank.
It has awesome Ways.
It has the whole band.
It is happy making and fantastic.
I love it.

What Dreams May Come

Go read, enjoy, tell her how fantastic she is. Meanwhile I'll try and think of a comment that's not *flails*
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I've meant to rec this from the first story, but keep forgetting.

[livejournal.com profile] liketheroad has written a series that I adore beyond measure. It's the For Keeps universe, and while the first story was very much focussed on Ryan/Brendon, since then many other people from many other bands have become important characters in the universe.

Her Mikey kills me, and they have this house that's like a castle and it's a house of magic because it's a place where people find their homes. Which sometimes aren't even in the house, but that doesn't matter, because it's a central gathering place filled with love and gah, I can't do it justice with my words.

Just go, read. She posted the latest today, a Pete/Tom which is just gorgeous. But each part is great. So if you haven't already, start at the beginning and then read them all.
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I just want to direct your attention to a story by [livejournal.com profile] bubbleforest

She's a lovely writer and has just posted her first Panic fic, which I've just read and enjoyed.

It's Jon/Spencer, so if you like that kind of thing. Go read.

Like An Angel (That Won't Lend You His Drumsticks )
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I've read the story written for me, and oh my goodness! It's the threemanbus story of my heart!

Fishing in Streams is full of undercurrents and love and a touch of ouch and a brilliantly characterised Chris and JC and Justin and to top it all it's all set on the buses. Which if anyone knows me they'll know that busfic is one of my favourite things ever.

[livejournal.com profile] withdiamonds is an amazing writer, and I'm thrilled that she wrote something for me. I can't recommend this story enough.
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I'm sure everyone knows I'm playing in two fandoms right now.

I love them both, and I especially love when I get to see stories that cross those fandoms. Stories like No strings attached - Just free love. Which is Ray Toro/Joey Fatone and just lovely.

If you only know one of those people, it doesn't matter. Ephemera has such a gorgeous style of writing that I'm sure you'll enjoy the story anyway. If you do know both fandoms, what are you doing reading this? Go read over there. Go on. Shoo.
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