Jan. 23rd, 2017

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The plasterer was here to block the door up on the bedroom side this morning. So, as of now all workmen jobs are finished. He was only supposed to block the actual door, but decided to skim the whole wall as he said it would look better, which was fine by me.

Now I just have to wait until later and I can finally put the bedroom back to rights. The drawers have been laying on Corey's bed since last week so I could move the unit easier, and it'll be nice to have the clock back on a bedside table again.

As I can't move anything up there yet I'm going to have an hour or so of reading tabs, because between Snowflake, challenge exchanges and certain friends writing and posting many ficlets I have rather a lot of them at the moment. Then after that I'm going to the doctor's with mam.

Saturday I had a double cinema visit. First xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage which was ridiculous action fun -- with the added extra of a couple sneaking up to the couches and having what looked really close to full sex, before going back to their actual seats, making out there, and coming back up to retrieve their coats.

Then we had an hour to spare, so I nipped in Evans to check out their final sale reductions, and scored a long tunic with a t-shirt under it which was £8 down from £55.

A bit of a mooch later and we went back to the cinema to see Manchester by the Sea, and my goodness, what a film. I won't spoil in case anyone is going to see it, but the acting was amazing, especially by Casey Affleck.


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