Mar. 1st, 2017

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Yesterday was filled with medical stuff.

James had three different appointments. First his counselling phone appointment to see what help he could be given. Apparently that went well, and he said it was good to talk things out.

After that was down to the doctors, where he's been given a note that means he's off work for another month. He's also been given new meds that hopefully will get a handle on his pain issues.

Then on the afternoon he saw his hand consultant, the one that just keeps him on the books in case of any issues and therefore sees him every six months. His hand is fine, but when James told him about the problems with his back he went to find out what back specialist had the shortest waiting list, and ensured James was added to it.

It's why I'm always pleased when James sees someone who knows him and his condition. Like the consultant said, it just takes one thing to go wrong, and then everything could go badly wrong, so while James is in a mild AMC flair at the moment, it could easily get much worse, so it's better to try and get a handle on issues asap.

So that's something that will happen in the future. James has said he won't ever consider another op, but seeing a specialist could result in other options.

Apart from that. In the break between doctors and hospital we called in at one of my favourite eating places. It looks like nothing from outside, but serves the most delicious food. We both got something, went to drive to the beach to eat it, and then going around a roundabout, the bag tipped over and my food was spilled all over the foot-well. No way could it be eaten, so I ended with a salad from Subway.

Today it was mam's PIP tribunal. I really hoped I'd be able to come back and post that everything had gone well and she'd been given her money back. Sadly, after sitting for a long while the panel decided it needed more evidence, so it's been adjourned and she'll get another date in one/two months. She was a nervous wreck going in, not helped by seeing someone also there for their tribunal come out sobbing when we first arrived. But, what can you do? All we can do is wait yet again.

I got my bingo card, and will happily talk about it tomorrow. Tonight though, a long bath and catching up on 'This Is Us' is in my future. I love that show so much, it's very much my favourite atm, which considering how much I loved Thirtysomething and Brothers and Sisters is no surprise.


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