Mar. 18th, 2017

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Mam got out of hospital two days ago. It's been a busy two weeks, on top of the daily visits they wouldn't let her out until a care package was put in place. Which meant a lot of things to organise, and spending time at hers waiting for more equipment was delivered.

She's much better now, and her having carers two times a day is reassuring. Now I just wish she'd ask them for things. She said the first carer of the day was bossy, making her something to eat despite protests -- which is exactly what she needs. While the second was lovely, coming up to see her in bed, but despite mam wanting a glass for her water, she never asked for one.

James had a meeting with his immediate boss and occupational health, and again, I'm so relived they're so understanding about his needs. It'll be a while before he's back, but his job is safe, and they're making every effort that he'll be comfortable when he does go back.

My brother put the new oven in and as it has a light that actually works it remains a novelty to see inside it as the food cooks. Now I just have to arrange to get the old one taken away, as it's sitting in the garden wrapped in cling film at the moment.

We went to see Beauty and the Beast yesterday and I enjoyed it so much. We only went to the 2d screening, but nearly every seat was full, from little girls dressed in Belle's yellow dress to much older people. Some of the cinema staff were dressed up too, my favourite being the man in the full Beast get up. But yeah, the film was so great, and I welled up often, especially during the ballroom scenes.

Writing wise, my word count is at zero, but hopefully that will change soon.

I'll be attempting to catch up on online stuff and my in-box soon -- apologies to those who post often and will be flooded by comments. But not yet as I've an Asda click and collect to pick up just after 12.

Finally, thank you so much [personal profile] dine for the awesome postcard. It really made me smile when it arrived and was a highlight of these last weeks. ♥


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