Feb. 27th, 2017

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[personal profile] lady_smutterella is hosting a Bandom/Bandom-adjacent (includes 1Ders) Trope Bingo which I've just joined.

You all know I'm a sucker for a bingo, and also suck at completing them, but I live in hope. Plus, while it may be cheating I have half a Way bros centric fic I started for picfor1000 and then abandoned for the wingfic idea, so I may be able to work that into a bingo somehow.

So yes, go check it out, it's for all fanworks and has some nifty prompts.

We did go and see Moonlight, and I enjoyed it. Though, Hidden Figures is still up there as my favourite of the Award Season movies. After only having one late showing a day, Lion is on multiple times now, and I want to see that next. But James has the next few choices. He's been happy enough to go to the Award Season films, but is very much more of a big blockbuster fan.

We've also had a quote to have our fence repaired. It's still standing at the moment, but doubt it'll last the year. That was nearly £700, and that was with mates rates for labour costs. Which isn't doable at the moment, so the fence will have to wait.

Plus, I asked how much it'll cost to get my rings resized. My engagement ring has always been loose, but now is ridiculously so, while my eternity ring is at least 3 sizes too big. Thankfully my wedding ring is okay for now. I liked the lady in the shop I talked to. She advised it was pointless resizing them now as it takes nearly 7 weeks to send them away, and by the time they came back it's likely my ring size would have changed again. So she recommended putting my engagement ring on a chain, and my wedding ring should keep on the eternity ring, and then get them all done at the end of the year. Which I agree with, especially so as it would be £150 for each resize D:


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