Feb. 14th, 2017

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Happy Valentine's Day to any who celebrate it. If you do, accept a ♥ from me. If you don't, well, I'll just give you a friendly nudge with my shoulder instead.

It seems Corey had a good birthday party with his friends. He phoned yesterday and I was asking him about it. Seemingly 30 people turned up at his house, and I asked if they all went out to town with him after. He replied he didn't know as he couldn't remember anything from then.

He's also got a new steady girlfriend. We've suspected he has for a while, but he admitted it last week, and then James let that slip at his dinner and he was then interrogated by his nanna and gran and had to show pictures. One of the ways he mentioned her was in relation to Valentine's day. He's doing the whole card, present, going out thing, and asked his dad and me what we were doing. While I've nothing against the day at all and do celebrate it, it's only been with an exchange of cards for a very long times. Sadly, with Valentine's Day being in the same week as three other birthdays, well, the money only stretches so far. But, I hope Corey will enjoy his night. Me and his dad will be staying home and sharing a M&S meal for two.

Talking of James. He's had a bit of a rough time at the moment. His back has been acting up big time and he was at the doctor's on Friday. She was going to sign him off work for a while, but he was taking pride in having no sick days in over 6 months, so said he would prefer to go in. So he did, made a bad decision -- thankfully, not on the phones so no patients were affected -- and I just knew something was up when I got a phone call when he should have been working. I'll cut for length )

To end on a happier note. Nanna turned 97 yesterday. There's nothing she needs or wants, and she tells us that, so her house was like a florists when we went up. Which I guess is better than Christmas as after being issued with the same instructions about wanting nothing like clothes or stuff that needs keeping, she ended up with 6 tins of biscuits. She's had a good day but was exhausted by the time we got there. We'll take her out for dinner as part of her present, but not yet as going out twice in one week -- she went to my uncle's to eat on Sunday-- means she needs time in the house to recover.

A final fannish thing. My picfor1000 is going well, and should be off to beta for this weekend. Finishing two challenges in a row, it's like I can actually write again!


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