Feb. 19th, 2017

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I had a good birthday yesterday.

Corey came home from uni for a night and we went out to eat on Friday night, then yesterday was just a nice, relaxed day. First I could finally open the presents [personal profile] sperrywink sent me, and look at them! Musketeer kitties! and badges and poster and such a lovely card. I was thrilled. And I also got an excellent gift of knitted headbands and excellent card from [personal profile] turlough and Lancecat which are also shown in that photo.

Mostly I got money, but when I got home late last night my brother had dropped me a gift bag off at my neighbours, and opening it I saw he'd given me a Boots giftcard from him and a box of chocolates from my niece and nephew, which was a lovely surprise. Since he and his partner completely split up he's been much more thoughtful with gifts and cards. I think he's turning over a new leaf.

After taking Corey grocery shopping we dropped him home at Newcastle and went to Metro Centre. The plan was a movie, shopping and to eat, but we got there so late that had to be rushed and I could only go to one shop. But, I bought a new outfit, and the assistant helped me find trousers that actually fit. It turns out I need ones with extra short legs, which surprised me. I mean, I'm 5 foot 6, I didn't think that was particularly short. But I guess my legs must be short considering the fit I needed.

After that we went to see Hidden Figures, and it was so good! Though because of 50 Shades being on most of the screens it was shown in one of the smaller screens, and as a result was packed. Still, I enjoyed every moment.

And of course, I got messages on here and via email, DMs, twitter and insta. So thank you all for those. You helped make my day feel special ♥

I also got my appointment for my 6 month check up yesterday, so let me indulge in some birthday naval gazing behind here, cut for weight loss talk and yet another photo of my stupid face. )


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