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As Mother's Days go, today has been a nice one. We went to see mam, and she liked her presents, then to see the MiL, and she liked her gifts too. Then off to visit Corey and he'd bought me some beautiful flowers and card. As always on Mother's Day I wanted a photo, and got one even though he'd pretty much just rolled out of bed. Not that I care, he wore that dressing gown to death when he was at home, and seeing the kidlet in that thing with bed hair will always make me smile.

As it was a gorgeous sunny day, we went to the quayside after, and had a look around the food market. A lot of the stalls were already closing up, but we had a good mooch around and admired the river and just enjoyed the sun for a while. Then it was back home and a quick tidy up.

To end the day I've just had a good read in a hot bath and now we'll be getting back to our Walking Dead marathon. Somehow we'd ended up 9 episodes behind, so have been changing that over the last few nights. Negan remains the character I love to hate, and I keep being surprised every time I see Rick smile. I'd thought he'd forgotten how to do so.
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It was a day of two halves yesterday.

The morning was spent at an advice centre getting James' PIP forms filled in. They're a disability benefit he has to change to, going from DLA to PIP, even though not a few months ago he got a letter saying he'd be on DLA for life. PIP is the benefit mam lost so much money, and her car, on, which is why we decided to go for professional help getting the forms filled in from the start.

It was a pretty sober meeting, having to go through in detail everything he can and can't do, which seems a lot when it's all written down. I'm confident he'll get enough points to get the care side of the award, but worry about the mobility as if he loses the car it would be a disaster, especially now he's in his wheelchair every time that he's out.

We're waiting for a letter from his consultant at the hospital to arrive, and then it's just a case of sending them in and hoping for the best, I guess.

But, then on the night we went to see The Full Monty at the Empire theatre and it was fantastic! It was the first stage show I'd been to, and before we went I wasn't sure about the view as we were sitting towards the back of the dress circle, but we could see everything and I really enjoyed myself. It was a little strange at first not to see close up expressions, but I soon forgot that and got caught in the action. I really liked how they used the same set throughout, just changing a few props to show different places, and of course the dancing was funny and really great to see. The last scene was a riot in the theatre, especially when skin and backsides were revealed, ending in that finally full monty. Gary Lucy really seemed to enjoy showing off his arse, including flashing the audience at the end when they'd come on in dressing gowns for the final bows. Not that the audience, which was at least 80% women, were complaining.

We were such noobs at the theatre, we got there far too early, even a few minutes before doors opened, because we weren't sure about parking availability. But that meant we got to go in early, get a good table in the bar and have a nice chat with one of the staff who discussed shows, and times to arrive etc. Plus, we found out if you get there an hour before the show you could buy your drinks for half price, including the ones you could pre order for the interval. So we got drinks for then, and got ones for the interval which were left on ledges on a number, just because we could. I don't think we'd do that again, mainly because there was no issue in taking your own drinks and snacks in from outside, but for the first time it added to the experience.

The only negatives were the people who came to sit behind us in the second half and just wouldn't stop talking. It was about the show, but even so was annoying. They got told to shut up, first by an audience member, then someone from the staff who had to come over and tell them to be quiet and put away their phone.

The guy we were talking to said he was sure he'd see us again, and he will. Both because we've tickets for Hairspray for later in the year, but also because there's a show next week we fancy seeing. We're going to check ticket availability later, and if there's some left, we'll be there.

I was going to wear my red dress last night, but couldn't as the top was far too big. James messed with the straps a bit to pull up the bodice, but when that was done I was left with gaping material at the front and back. I loved that dress, too. I'm going to check out prices to get it altered, but again have the issues at to when. It's pointless doing it when I'm still dropping sizes, especially as I don't know how much it'll cost. I'm going to be god mother to my youngest niece and nephew in July, maybe I'll alter it for then. Until then, the red dress will remain in my wardrobe :(
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It's the 25th anniversary of the day I met James today. We've been through a hell of a lot during that time, lots of downs, but also, many many ups. We met at a dodgy nightclub in Sunderland where the carpets were sticky and I had a thing for drinking pints of pink kangaroo. Never would I have guessed back then that we'd still be together so many years later.

Because we met in the stone age we don't have many photos of us together at that time, but this one was taken at James' 18th birthday on the year that we met.

We would have gone out to celebrate, but it's my 6 month check up at the hospital tomorrow, and while I know going out to eat won't make any difference, it's a hard habit to break after all those months of hoops and having to be extra careful. Which also means, yes, tomorrow will probably bring yet another naval gazing post from me. So feel free to ignore at will.

[personal profile] dine has shown she's a star yet again by sending me an Amazon gift voucher as part of the pay kindness forward meme. It was such a lovely surprise and I've enjoyed deciding what to buy. Not that I've made a decision yet, because there's just too many cool things out there. Though I wouldn't be surprised at all if books came into play somehow.

We've got rid of three bin bags of old clothes today. It's good to start de-cluttering a little, and the bedroom looks better without them shoved in the corner.

After realising Riverdale is on Netflix I've started to watch the show. I've only seen one ep so far, but it seems okay. Though I have no personal context at all in terms of what it's based on.

I've burned through all the Musketeer fic from authors I've been enjoying, and after reading all the new stuff on A03 that interested me, I went back to the last page of search results and have started reading the results back over. Sadly that's led to some stories I've really enjoyed, and then realised they were abandoned many years ago. And then last night I was reading something good when my Fire ran out of charge. WOE!
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Mam got out of hospital two days ago. It's been a busy two weeks, on top of the daily visits they wouldn't let her out until a care package was put in place. Which meant a lot of things to organise, and spending time at hers waiting for more equipment was delivered.

She's much better now, and her having carers two times a day is reassuring. Now I just wish she'd ask them for things. She said the first carer of the day was bossy, making her something to eat despite protests -- which is exactly what she needs. While the second was lovely, coming up to see her in bed, but despite mam wanting a glass for her water, she never asked for one.

James had a meeting with his immediate boss and occupational health, and again, I'm so relived they're so understanding about his needs. It'll be a while before he's back, but his job is safe, and they're making every effort that he'll be comfortable when he does go back.

My brother put the new oven in and as it has a light that actually works it remains a novelty to see inside it as the food cooks. Now I just have to arrange to get the old one taken away, as it's sitting in the garden wrapped in cling film at the moment.

We went to see Beauty and the Beast yesterday and I enjoyed it so much. We only went to the 2d screening, but nearly every seat was full, from little girls dressed in Belle's yellow dress to much older people. Some of the cinema staff were dressed up too, my favourite being the man in the full Beast get up. But yeah, the film was so great, and I welled up often, especially during the ballroom scenes.

Writing wise, my word count is at zero, but hopefully that will change soon.

I'll be attempting to catch up on online stuff and my in-box soon -- apologies to those who post often and will be flooded by comments. But not yet as I've an Asda click and collect to pick up just after 12.

Finally, thank you so much [personal profile] dine for the awesome postcard. It really made me smile when it arrived and was a highlight of these last weeks. ♥
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I'm sure everyone that wants to will have read it already, but I'll be taking my bandom picfor1000 story down very soon due to reworking and extending reasons. If it wasn't for mam being admitted to hospital it would have been down already, but as I've been busy, today it is.

Mam is doing okay, better than I expected tbh. Really, I think it's been a relief to her that the doctors are working together to sort out her various issues. It also helps she's got a side room, so has her own toilet and can sleep without being disturbed by other patients. She still needs to see various departments before they're willing to let her come home, so it's probably going to be the end of the week. Though she is starting to get bored as buying tv is ridiculously expensive -- you get three hours of five channels free in the mornings, but of course that's when all the doctors etc rounds are happening -- and the hospital doesn't have WIFI.

I forgot to say, we saw Logan, and then last week went to see Kong Skull Island, which was entertaining enough in a Kong-like way. We actually went to a different branch of Odeon that time. It's a much smaller place, only six screens, but much newer than Metrocentre. I liked it, but for some reason James wasn't keen. Though the maze like car-park didn't help, we drove around the whole park three times before we worked out how to actually get to the cinema. Then I had to laugh going inside, as one of the first people we saw was one of the former Metrocentre staff that we talked to. So much for expecting to know no one there.

Rather randomly, our oven door shattered. I was cooking tea, there was a big cracking sound, I went into the kitchen and the door glass was all crazed pieces. The oven was old, getting onto 20, so it's had a good life, but even so I could have done without the expense of buying a new one. We got one yesterday and my brother is going to fit it sometime today.

We went to Durham for a few hours last week, and I'd forgotten how wheelchair unfriendly the place is. The combination of cobbles and lots of steep banks is a killer. At one point a lovely man came over and asked if I needed help to get James up the last part of a hill we were struggling up. If we'd have been further down I'd have considered it, but as we were approaching the top I just thanked him and kept going.

Finally, I meant to do this in my last post but forgot. Thank you to [personal profile] pensnest for the card and verse inside. It really made me smile when it arrived, even more so for being so unexpected. You're a star.
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Sunday morning I was Googling wheelchair friendly walks, and ended up link surfing to a disabled cycling club that brings all kinds of adapted bikes to a local sports centre. To make it even better, their monthly meeting was that day. So we went and it was fantastic.

They had all kinds of bikes, different styles of recumbent ones, ones you could put a wheel chair on the front, double bikes, hand bikes, so many kinds, it was amazing. James went on a double recumbent which suited him perfectly for the seat and peddling, but as he couldn't reach the handles to steer he had to go on the double, and he enjoyed himself a lot. Plus, it was fantastic exercise. They did say I could ride too, but I was worried I'd flatten the frames. Which I know is unlikely to happen, but I need time to ease myself into these things. Maybe the meeting next month, which we'll be going to as we've joined the club.

It's BBB time and I joined up. I've had a streak of completing two challenges so hopefully I'll complete this one, too. It's been nice to see some BBB chatter on my flists and I'm looking forward to the resulting stories. Also, the mods are as awesome as always dealing with me being awkward only a day after signings opened. &them;

We went to the Washington Wetlands yesterday. They hire out electric scooters so James had one of those while I walked. It was great to stretch my legs and get a bit sunshine. All seven of the otters were out and it was brilliant to see them running around and having fun in the water.

Plus, this happened. I'd gone to explore the kids playpark, no one was there, and I ended up at the top of the slide and couldn't resist. Kayleigh thinks I'm having a mid life crisis, but I enjoyed it.

Then when we were leaving the wetlands I got a phone call to say mam was being admitted to hospital. The doctor had been out to see her and was really worried, so I ended up going in the ambulance with her, and then sitting for hours while she was waiting to be seen before being taken to a ward. She'll be fine, just they need to get more rehab people involved to get her strength up, but I could have done without more daily hospital visits at the moment.
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We had good news today. James union at work has agreed to add £1000 to the toilet fund, so that means with the other £500 grant he's got from elsewhere we're getting close to half way there. We're waiting for responses from two other places, so fingers crossed it won't be long.

My bingo card. Excuse the lack of formatting but for ease, my prompts are

Meeting the parents/family -- Wingfic -- Confessions

Cuddling -- Your choice/free space -- Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Bodyguard scenarios/AUs -- Rescue from Danger -- Handcuffed/bound together

I like it, and think my half done Way bros fic will fit in with confessions, so I'll get one square at least. The wing fic made me laugh, though. I think the universe is trying to tell me something.
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Yesterday was filled with medical stuff.

James had three different appointments. First his counselling phone appointment to see what help he could be given. Apparently that went well, and he said it was good to talk things out.

After that was down to the doctors, where he's been given a note that means he's off work for another month. He's also been given new meds that hopefully will get a handle on his pain issues.

Then on the afternoon he saw his hand consultant, the one that just keeps him on the books in case of any issues and therefore sees him every six months. His hand is fine, but when James told him about the problems with his back he went to find out what back specialist had the shortest waiting list, and ensured James was added to it.

It's why I'm always pleased when James sees someone who knows him and his condition. Like the consultant said, it just takes one thing to go wrong, and then everything could go badly wrong, so while James is in a mild AMC flair at the moment, it could easily get much worse, so it's better to try and get a handle on issues asap.

So that's something that will happen in the future. James has said he won't ever consider another op, but seeing a specialist could result in other options.

Apart from that. In the break between doctors and hospital we called in at one of my favourite eating places. It looks like nothing from outside, but serves the most delicious food. We both got something, went to drive to the beach to eat it, and then going around a roundabout, the bag tipped over and my food was spilled all over the foot-well. No way could it be eaten, so I ended with a salad from Subway.

Today it was mam's PIP tribunal. I really hoped I'd be able to come back and post that everything had gone well and she'd been given her money back. Sadly, after sitting for a long while the panel decided it needed more evidence, so it's been adjourned and she'll get another date in one/two months. She was a nervous wreck going in, not helped by seeing someone also there for their tribunal come out sobbing when we first arrived. But, what can you do? All we can do is wait yet again.

I got my bingo card, and will happily talk about it tomorrow. Tonight though, a long bath and catching up on 'This Is Us' is in my future. I love that show so much, it's very much my favourite atm, which considering how much I loved Thirtysomething and Brothers and Sisters is no surprise.
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[personal profile] lady_smutterella is hosting a Bandom/Bandom-adjacent (includes 1Ders) Trope Bingo which I've just joined.

You all know I'm a sucker for a bingo, and also suck at completing them, but I live in hope. Plus, while it may be cheating I have half a Way bros centric fic I started for picfor1000 and then abandoned for the wingfic idea, so I may be able to work that into a bingo somehow.

So yes, go check it out, it's for all fanworks and has some nifty prompts.

We did go and see Moonlight, and I enjoyed it. Though, Hidden Figures is still up there as my favourite of the Award Season movies. After only having one late showing a day, Lion is on multiple times now, and I want to see that next. But James has the next few choices. He's been happy enough to go to the Award Season films, but is very much more of a big blockbuster fan.

We've also had a quote to have our fence repaired. It's still standing at the moment, but doubt it'll last the year. That was nearly £700, and that was with mates rates for labour costs. Which isn't doable at the moment, so the fence will have to wait.

Plus, I asked how much it'll cost to get my rings resized. My engagement ring has always been loose, but now is ridiculously so, while my eternity ring is at least 3 sizes too big. Thankfully my wedding ring is okay for now. I liked the lady in the shop I talked to. She advised it was pointless resizing them now as it takes nearly 7 weeks to send them away, and by the time they came back it's likely my ring size would have changed again. So she recommended putting my engagement ring on a chain, and my wedding ring should keep on the eternity ring, and then get them all done at the end of the year. Which I agree with, especially so as it would be £150 for each resize D:
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Thank you to [personal profile] dine and [personal profile] romantical for the cards that arrived this morning, and for the messages inside ♥

We've been to see The Space Between Us today. It was okay, nothing that outstanding but entertaining enough.

Two days ago we went to see The Great Wall, which again was entertaining, visually stunning in parts, but nothing I'd class as one of my top films.

Tomorrow we've tickets to see Moonlight, and depending on how James feels may go to an earlier showing of either John Wick or Patriot's Day. Obviously we've been to the cinema a lot, but it's suits us right now when James is still feeling so off. It's easy to park there and push him in, and of course having a limitless ticket means the cost is kept down. Well, if you discount my skinny, sugar free caramel latte over ice habit.

Lately I've been trying to do new things. Included in this has been buying and wearing jeans, a few weeks ago I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time, and then the day we went to see the Great Wall, I had my lashes and brows tinted. Now, I've always had light eyebrows and lashes, so in theory it would be a good thing. The actual process was fine, though a little unnerving to sit in a reclining chair at the back of Superdrug with my eyes closed and having stuff done around them. Then came the reveal.

I really liked my eye lashes, but my brows. Well, all I can say is I looked a little Angry Birdish. Seriously, I had ferocious dark brows, even though the lady said they were medium brown. So, I thank her, toodle off and I'm sure people back away when I strolled by with my dark scowl. Then what was worse, we went to the cinema and one of the people who works there and who we like and talk to was working the desk. We hadn't seen him for a while so stopped for a chat, but as James was in his wheelchair the man had to direct his attention to both of us on different levels, so his attention was solely on me when he looked up, and I'm sure he was thinking, wtf?!

Thankfully a bath as soon as I got home and much washing with some head and shoulders has toned down the shade and I think they look okay now. I suspect that a combo of never having dark defined brows before and some of the dye being left behind on my skin led to the angry bird look. But even so, first and last time I think!

That same cinema visit we'd gone to the gallery. I pushed James to a table and left him there to go get some pop and popcorn out of the cooler/heater, and noticed that the gallery staff person on duty was hovering close by and only stepped close when I got back, and then asked if we wanted nachos. Sadly the 'do they take sugar' mindset is still there it seems.

It's been interesting seeing the stats due to posting three different stories at once. Musketeers has taken the lead hugely in terms of hits and has okay kudos, though proportionally against hits not that good. Popslash has a terrible hit rate, but of those who have read, nearly half have left kudos or comments. While bandom is set in the middle, with the least comments. Though themoononastick's prediction that every comment I'd get would be a demand for a sequel seems to be coming true.

Conclusions to that? I've no idea, but I did enjoy writing them all, and think I'll attempt to actually finish my Musketeers space story I've been poking at for months.


Feb. 21st, 2017 04:33 pm
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I'm sure most of you will know I love the picfor1000 challenge.

I'm sure most of you will also know my Way bros centric 'why I do the challenge set around them' story. But only a few will remember I also did two years of popslash stories before that first bandom challenge.

Thinking of that made an idea start to grown in my head, and I wondered if I could write challenge responses for my important past fandom, popslash, my sort of current fandom, bandom, and my new shiny fandom, The Musketeers. So I did.

It would have made more sense to do this last year when it was my 10th year of the challenge, but I can't turn back time so the 11th it is.

So, three stories for three fandoms of exactly one thousand words and loosely themed around transformation.

As always thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] themoononastick who encouraged the idea and then beta read them all. She really is a superstar.

And with that ---

Eternity in an Hour (1000 words) by turps
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Musketeers (2014)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Porthos (Trois Mousquetaires), Athos, Aramis, d'Artagnan
Additional Tags: Age Regression

d'artagnan comes back to the garrison and finds someone unexpected.

All We Are Is Burning Stars (1000 words) by turps
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Popslash, NSYNC
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: JC Chasez/Chris Kirkpatrick
Characters: JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick
Additional Tags: mentions of Joey, Mentions of Justin, Mention of Lance - Freeform

Chris and JC watch Justin.

Burn Up And Fly (1000 words) by turps
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Bandom, My Chemical Romance
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro

Gerard is caught by hunters.

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Today my day started with having my mind blown by [personal profile] themoononastick

She's one of the ones that prompted me to watch Killjoys, and then I'd mentioned to her I'd been watching Conviction and the actor who played Johnny was also in it. And then this morning she told me they're not actually the same person but identical twin brothers.

Mind. Blown.

I'm sure this is something loads of people already know, but at the moment I'm still at the stage of looking at photos of them together and thinking, wow.

I also have picfor1000 edits back, and depending on how fast I get them done and the word count down to exactly 1000 words I should be able to post later. Or it may have to be tomorrow as I'm going out this afternoon.

Now I'm off to look at more photos of the Ashmore twins.
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I had a good birthday yesterday.

Corey came home from uni for a night and we went out to eat on Friday night, then yesterday was just a nice, relaxed day. First I could finally open the presents [personal profile] sperrywink sent me, and look at them! Musketeer kitties! and badges and poster and such a lovely card. I was thrilled. And I also got an excellent gift of knitted headbands and excellent card from [personal profile] turlough and Lancecat which are also shown in that photo.

Mostly I got money, but when I got home late last night my brother had dropped me a gift bag off at my neighbours, and opening it I saw he'd given me a Boots giftcard from him and a box of chocolates from my niece and nephew, which was a lovely surprise. Since he and his partner completely split up he's been much more thoughtful with gifts and cards. I think he's turning over a new leaf.

After taking Corey grocery shopping we dropped him home at Newcastle and went to Metro Centre. The plan was a movie, shopping and to eat, but we got there so late that had to be rushed and I could only go to one shop. But, I bought a new outfit, and the assistant helped me find trousers that actually fit. It turns out I need ones with extra short legs, which surprised me. I mean, I'm 5 foot 6, I didn't think that was particularly short. But I guess my legs must be short considering the fit I needed.

After that we went to see Hidden Figures, and it was so good! Though because of 50 Shades being on most of the screens it was shown in one of the smaller screens, and as a result was packed. Still, I enjoyed every moment.

And of course, I got messages on here and via email, DMs, twitter and insta. So thank you all for those. You helped make my day feel special ♥

I also got my appointment for my 6 month check up yesterday, so let me indulge in some birthday naval gazing behind here, cut for weight loss talk and yet another photo of my stupid face. )
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We went to see Cirque Du Soleil Varekai on Wednesday night, and it was so good!

I enjoyed every moment. The costumes and acts were amazing, and the skill those men and women showed was just, wow! You could use cameras, but only phone/small ones without a flash, so low lighting combined with them all moving so fast, means our pictures were little much than blurs of colour. But, I've some professional photos taken of the show to show what we saw. behind here )

Also, another thing crossed off my fear list, I sat in the middle of the row and my fat arse and thighs didn't spread to the next seat annoying a stranger. We had brilliant seats too. We were in the easy assess row for people with mobility issues, and it was directly behind the wheelchair spots. Because the wheelchair users and their carers get more room, I had a big gap in front of me which gave me an uninterrupted view of the stage, so win.

We parked at the arena beforehand, and then as we were early decided to walk up to Newcastle to get some food. The nearest place was about a ten minute walk, all uphill, and poor James had the stuffing knocked out of him. He actually slept well over 12 hours solid that night. Next time we go we'll just get food actually in the arena. I mean, it wasn't exactly premier stuff, but wasn't that much more expensive. And yes, we are planning to go back, but first, we're getting tickets to go see Hairspray at the theatre first. The show isn't on until later in the year, but I think it'll be fun.

This week we also went for the first walk of the year at Herrington Country park. Well, I walked, James was pushed. It felt good to get out into the sunshine, though I did get horribly muddy. The ground is saturated there and some of the paths had crumbled a little over winter, so sometimes pushing wasn't as easy as it could have been, but I managed it, and felt strong all the way around. The only issue was I had to stop and have a diy fixing job done on my trousers as they kept falling down. James had to cut off a piece of his bootlace and I put two holes in the waistband of my trousers and pulled it tighter with the lace. And really, I need to stop buying dresses and get some new trousers already.

ETA: The post was delivered, included were letters for me and Corey. Mine included a cheque from a refund on my dad's estate. So Corey's will have the same. It's only a small amount, and I know the timing is a total coincidence, but even so, all I can think is, thanks dad.
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Happy Valentine's Day to any who celebrate it. If you do, accept a ♥ from me. If you don't, well, I'll just give you a friendly nudge with my shoulder instead.

It seems Corey had a good birthday party with his friends. He phoned yesterday and I was asking him about it. Seemingly 30 people turned up at his house, and I asked if they all went out to town with him after. He replied he didn't know as he couldn't remember anything from then.

He's also got a new steady girlfriend. We've suspected he has for a while, but he admitted it last week, and then James let that slip at his dinner and he was then interrogated by his nanna and gran and had to show pictures. One of the ways he mentioned her was in relation to Valentine's day. He's doing the whole card, present, going out thing, and asked his dad and me what we were doing. While I've nothing against the day at all and do celebrate it, it's only been with an exchange of cards for a very long times. Sadly, with Valentine's Day being in the same week as three other birthdays, well, the money only stretches so far. But, I hope Corey will enjoy his night. Me and his dad will be staying home and sharing a M&S meal for two.

Talking of James. He's had a bit of a rough time at the moment. His back has been acting up big time and he was at the doctor's on Friday. She was going to sign him off work for a while, but he was taking pride in having no sick days in over 6 months, so said he would prefer to go in. So he did, made a bad decision -- thankfully, not on the phones so no patients were affected -- and I just knew something was up when I got a phone call when he should have been working. I'll cut for length )

To end on a happier note. Nanna turned 97 yesterday. There's nothing she needs or wants, and she tells us that, so her house was like a florists when we went up. Which I guess is better than Christmas as after being issued with the same instructions about wanting nothing like clothes or stuff that needs keeping, she ended up with 6 tins of biscuits. She's had a good day but was exhausted by the time we got there. We'll take her out for dinner as part of her present, but not yet as going out twice in one week -- she went to my uncle's to eat on Sunday-- means she needs time in the house to recover.

A final fannish thing. My picfor1000 is going well, and should be off to beta for this weekend. Finishing two challenges in a row, it's like I can actually write again!
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Yesterday Kayleigh posted she was engaged on FB, and of course it's caused a hit of hassle. Not that she's engaged, Shauna is lovely, or that it happened 3 weeks ago, but that they'd announced on FB without telling either of their families. Really, they should have told their parents first at least.

James got his new wheelchair, you can see him in it here. It's so lovely, which may sound a weird thing to say about a wheelchair, but after pushing his old one for so long this one is like a sports model in comparison. It has wheels that pop off, making it easy to get in the boot of the car, is comfortable with material that doesn't make you sweat on the back if you're sitting in it a long time, and pushes so easily. While there we also arranged for his mam to be contacted about her wheelchair. Because she's a bigger lady they gave her one where the seat is a block of wood, which of course isn't comfortable. The wheelchair tech said they hadn't given those kinds out for 15 years and the new kinds are so much better, so hopefully she'll get something that's actually comfortable asap.

Some of you may remember me posting a while back how one of my goals was to sit in the chairs outside a cafe on the beach-front. I never did as they were too small for me with having metal unmovable arms, but yesterday while at the beach I decided to try, and I did it.

Yesterday I also went for a bra fitting. Which was pretty scary thinking about going in, but was totally fine. The lady was so friendly and matter of fact as she measured and then fitted me, and it turns out I've gone down a size in terms of band and four sizes in cup size, so no wonder my old bras didn't fit well. So I left wearing the new bra, and it's very comfortable while being supportive.

Today I had a hair cut and have had a few inches of hair chopped off. It looks so much better.

In fannish news. I got my picfor1000 assignment which you can see here. I've got a vague idea taking shape. Now I just have to hope that forms into an actual story.

Finally, [personal profile] sperrywink your other parcel came. Thank you! It's now put aside for a while ♥
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Something I learned in the last few days. Read packets carefully, because a packet of sunflower seeds that has husks printed on them doesn't actually mean you can eat them whole. Lets just say both me and James ended up chewing for ages and ended with a mouthful of what felt like splinters.

I got a new phone yesterday. I've gone for a Google pixel because the camera is excellent, so now it's a case of getting things how I like them. The main one being finding an email client I like as there's not a compatible version of Thunderbird, and I really don't like the actual gmail app or site.

Because I have the new phone I had to add fitbit to it, and was overjoyed to get the buzz of happiness that meant I'd met my steps, as I didn't think I'd walked that far. Then realised fitbit had reset the count to 5k and not 10k. Sadness!

Yesterday I also started to sort out Corey's birthday cake as he turns 21 in a few weeks. His actual birthday is on the Saturday, and he'll be spending that out with friends, so we're having a family meal in the week before. Now I just need to sort out where and try and herd cats to get everyone there.

This is going to be a post of cut tags, starting with, mam's hospital appointment on Thursday )

Which brings me nicely to the fact I finally had to give in and buy protein powder cut for food and wls talk )

We went to the cinema two different days. To see Hacksaw Ridge the first day, and T2 Trainspotting the second. spoilers for both. )

Finally, Sperrywink and Turlough wanted to see photos of the finished bathroom, so, they're behind here )
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The plasterer was here to block the door up on the bedroom side this morning. So, as of now all workmen jobs are finished. He was only supposed to block the actual door, but decided to skim the whole wall as he said it would look better, which was fine by me.

Now I just have to wait until later and I can finally put the bedroom back to rights. The drawers have been laying on Corey's bed since last week so I could move the unit easier, and it'll be nice to have the clock back on a bedside table again.

As I can't move anything up there yet I'm going to have an hour or so of reading tabs, because between Snowflake, challenge exchanges and certain friends writing and posting many ficlets I have rather a lot of them at the moment. Then after that I'm going to the doctor's with mam.

Saturday I had a double cinema visit. First xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage which was ridiculous action fun -- with the added extra of a couple sneaking up to the couches and having what looked really close to full sex, before going back to their actual seats, making out there, and coming back up to retrieve their coats.

Then we had an hour to spare, so I nipped in Evans to check out their final sale reductions, and scored a long tunic with a t-shirt under it which was £8 down from £55.

A bit of a mooch later and we went back to the cinema to see Manchester by the Sea, and my goodness, what a film. I won't spoil in case anyone is going to see it, but the acting was amazing, especially by Casey Affleck.
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Day 15

In your own space, write a love letter to Fandom in general, to a particular fandom, to a trope, a relationship, a character, or to your flist/circle/followers. Share you love and squee as loud as you want to. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so

Wrapping up the Snowflake challenge, which as usual, I enjoyed very much.

My love letter is going out to my flist, to all you reading, because you all are amazing.

Over the years you've supported me through some really tough times, and been at my side for the good. You've sent hugs, and laughed with me, celebrated with me, commented on everything from the serious to totally mundane.

Many of you have been there and watched Corey grow from a small boy going off to junior school to the man he is now, and been there as solid support as I battled with my weight issues, losing, putting back on, losing, putting back on, and finally, seemingly getting a handle on things now.

I've had the pleasure of being a part of your lives, too. I've watched as people's children have grown, as others travelled the world, taken on new jobs, moved house, taken holidays, suffered losses and celebrated things both big and small.

I've squeed with you over fannish things, and while often we don't share fandoms now, I still enjoy seeing that squee. Because a love of anything is a very beautiful thing.

You've taught me loads. I live in a small former mining village. Corey is the first person in both mine and James' family to go to university. I live in the same place as my sister, mam and nanna. My brother and Pauline live in very close by places. And while James did leave home, his home town is still only a 20 minute drive away, my point being, my view of the world used to be so narrow, but now it stretches world wide.

Because of you all I've seen how things works in America, in Australia, Canada, all through Europe, so many other places that it would take ages to list, where lives are so different to mine -- and that's fantastic. I love hearing about your lives, your customs, about day-to-day things and traditions.

So, thank you, flist. For being there always. Thank you to the people who keep posting and sharing their lives. Thank you to the ones that have gone off elsewhere now, know I think about you all at times. Thank you to everyone that's virtually stood at my side, be that through comments on every post, or one, because they all matter. And yes, that means, you. Thank you.
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Day 14
Go forth and commit an act of kindness. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it, tell us about it if you’re comfortable doing so.

I wasn't sure what to say about this, then I remembered I'd meant to mention beta readers in an earlier challenge, and totally forgot. So I've just sent an email to [livejournal.com profile] themoononastick.

She's been my beta forever, she's battled with my terrible grammar and bad habits, not least my lazy writing when I finished stories far too early. Her comments make me laugh, and she points things out without ever making me feel stupid. Like in my bandom holidays story where she asked how Gerard was heating shampoo up in a sink without any heat source.

A good beta is hard to find, and I'm incredibly lucky to have L. So while it feels a bit strange to call that email a kindness challenge response, as it's something I feel always, that's my response.

I'm having a meet-up with [livejournal.com profile] augustuscaesar and her wife tomorrow. They're over from Australia and have been touring the UK for the last few weeks, and now they're in Newcastle. We're going to Mog on the Tyne and I'm going to hug the stuffing out of her because it's been far too long since I've seen her.

Then after a trip to the cinema to see La La Land. It's a movie I'm calling in one of my markers for, as James has no desire to see it at all. I think I've said before but normally we match quite well on film likes, but sometimes we have to compromise, last time for me, seeing James Bond, for him, Magic Mike XXL.

Cats, friends, movies. Sunday should be a good one.
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